Can a mod fix the time on this site?

It has been incorrect for a long time.

Actually you have to go into account preferences and adjust it yourself.

Which reminds me, I should do that myself.

(Mark Yes for Daylight savings time in effect, if it's not obvious.)

Thanks, but it shows i posted this thread @14:13. I posted at 10pm. If it is just my view that is off i apologize.

There's also a line at the bottom of the page that says "All times are UTC - 5 hours", but during the daylight saving period (i.e. now) local time in Hamilton is UTC - 4.

And any change you make to time zone in your account settings will only be active when you log in. I don't particularly care (though I often check the forum without logging in), but it seems silly not to make the default time zone displayed by the site match the local time for the stadium location.

Edit: Just looked at the time I posted this, and it got marked with the correct local time in Hamilton. Now to see if it looks that way when I'm logged out...

Edit 2: Nope. When I'm logged out, the displayed "post time", is one hour earlier than the true local time in Hamilton that it was posted.

thanks Safteyblitz, that did the trick!