Can a legal hit still be dirty?

For a few years now we have watched nik Lewis make crackback blocks that are almost as hard as a defensive player would make. This is also influencing other slot backs as well. More big blocks across the league. Both the Argos last year and lions this year say cheap play. Lewis says if it was a bad play the ref would call it

there are situations where a legal hit can still be dirty (for example, NHL before it made the rule specifically outlawing blindside hits to the head… they were technically legal before, but certainly dirty) … but that block was not one of them in my opinion

those are great hits.. they happen often on special teams

I don't think anything from the front or above the waist is dirty. Nik Lewis' hit was far from dirty IMHO, some of the Lion's DB's on the other hand I'm not so sure.

Its called being aware of your surrounding( just like keeping your head up in hockey ). If you dont look out for yourself you are going to get hurt ( dirty or clean plays ).

As for lewis's hit being dirty hahahaha :lol: . I would call the constant knee tackling of the lions far more dirty than the big hits that are being done from Above waist to below shoulders.

Big hits Jack up a team. Buy I'm glad the stamps wernt jumping for joy when Lenard couldn't get up. The stamps are often guilty of over celebrating. I know my team is probably the least sportsman like in the cfl. Side note- I loved after the game how browner and Simon were standing around joking with each other. They left it on the field. I always show my kids that stuff and the group prayer at centre field at the end of the game

Nicole is the poster child for borderline hits.

Ask Kelly Wiltshire who had his career ended by a 'dirty yet legal' hit courtesy of Nicole. I challenged him on that very fact... he couldn't say that what he did was NOT dirty.

Nik Lewis is a big guy
That is the only factor that makes his block any different than one by say:
Chip Cox...another "big hitter"
Of course Cox is listed at : 5'9" 185lb.

The CFL doesn't seriously want to consider restricting larger, stronger players...punishing physical advantage....handicapping like they do in golf?

All week I've been mystified that anyone is even talking about that hit.
Any helmet/helmet contact was incidental.
It was a clean block...perfectly executed.

Anybody that doesn't like that kind of contact should take up badminton or checkers.
Or golf...

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

or tiddly winks


3 internets to anybody who knows where that’s from. :smiley:

And the fact that when he throws a block, it isn't a half-***ed block. Nik Lewis commits 100% to the block, and he seems to enjoy the physical aspect of football, both of which is unusual for a receiver.


Yeh, it is disappointing when you see some receivers clearly back away from contact. The all-time poster-child for receivers that like to hit as much as catch and run is Ray Elgaard. Jim Young was another good one (he wasn't called Dirty Thirty for nothing).

Nik Lewis plays hard, often celebrates to much and sometimes the celebrations cross the line, as was the case with the Wiltshire hit. I also believe he celebrated too much on the hit last week. He was still yelling well after it was clear the B.C. player was hurt. I am not sure I agree with the "above the waist" everything is okay. A head shot is a head shot and CFL, NFL and NHL have all committed to cracking down on head shots.

Nicole is a big guy - agreed. He's lucky that way.
Nicole doesn't shy away from contact - agreed. It's good to see.
Nicole sometimes gets in some good blocks - agreed. Great commitment.

However, why then doesn't he consistently play with guts like Elgaard? Or even more aptly, like Sapunjis - there was a bruising, tough receiver who knew how to block and who had honour.

Sure Lewis has made some great shoulder to shoulder blocks. What gets into the 'dirty' territory is when he Instead dives for a guy's legs - which he does more often then he as to. You can't say he doesn't do that because he already ended one player's career that way and has come very close on other occasions.

I have to disagree, Lewis is not a dirty player. As mentioned, I think he goes over the top at times with his celebrations but he is not a dirty player. He is also a classy guy off the field and a good locker room guy. I would take Nik Lewis on my team anytime!

so when he purposefully went at Kelly Wiltshire's legs that wasn't dirty - even though players themselves (retired and non-esks) said it was dirty.
And when KW was on the ground in pain Lewis standing over him and crowing that was only 'just a bit over the top'.
And when Lewis expressed no remorse for ending a man's career (on twitter) that was classy.

O.k. I see.

I'll proudly agree to disagree on this one!!

That was not a proud moment for Lewis for sure. Especially the celebrating. Nik Lewis did issue an apology for that hit. If I remember that was a dirty game all around. The apology is on canoeslam I think. That wasn't a good year got Kelly either as I think he got hurt twice. Drew Tate threw a block last night that almost seemed similar