Can A.C afford to get injured?

Alright, I think EVERYONE agress that the NFL caliber football is stronger than the CFL. Just look at Dave Dickenson, a 3rd string QB in the NFL, and now he's the best QB in the CFL, and he was only a 3rd string.

My question to you is, with Quincy Carter, a starting QB who actually wasn't that bad in the NFL in the lineup with Calvillo, do you think it was be dangerous for Calvillo to get injured and give the spotlight to Quincy?

D.D. isn't even close to being the best QB in the CFL. And don't be too suprised if Carter doesn't exactly light it up...just a feeling I have.

Depends on how Carter can adjust to the Twelve men and wider field. If he adjusts, he could do well hear, if not then we'd see another Vince Ferragamo.....

I think Carter can adjust just fine , it's all in his attitude , if he can stay focus , AC will see less action this year ...maybe even a trade at the end of the 06 season !! , who the hell knows !

He might want to stay away from the white powder as well if he wants to make it in the CFL.

Yep , that's for sure ..... anyway , it doesn't really matter since the cup is gonna stay in Edmonton this year !!!

what do you think would be harder to get used to for a QB coming from the NFL bigger field, more men, or the bigger ball. I'd say the bigger ball.

Listen guys
AC is the starter and he has nothing to worry about!
AC has proved himself in this league, Carter has not!

Obviously it's AC's job to lose....would be suprised if he did...Carter gonna call his own plays?

Most say it's the shorter play clock. That's why new QBs get a lot of time count violations.

Other than that, probably the bigger field. I've heard new guys say they can't believe how far it is from the hash mark to the opposite sideline...that a little 5-yard out is like a 40-yard throw.

Yup I agree but I am not so sure the ball is bigger any more

Mtl bringing in 2 new QB !!!! , I would be worry !!

The friggin ball is exactly the same size and the one used in the NFL. Now I've heard the texture of the ball is a bit different and with the stripes, this can have a bit of an adjustment period.
The 20 sec clock and that extra safety is something that can be difficult, as well for sure as said the wider field. But athletic talent is just that, we've seen many adjust over the years quite quickly, it comes down to smarts and talent. Football is football, blocking, tackling, running, throwing.

Have you guys not heard the saying they had a few years back "Our Balls Our Bigger" The CFL ball is bigger than the ball they use in the NFL.

The NFL ball, And the CFL are definetly different balls. I don't know if its bigger by total volume, but it is defintently a different shaped ball, with the CFL ball shaped more like a rugby ball. Makes for easier kicking, a bit harder to throw.

The problem is that was said a few years back we we used the J5V. I really think they are the same size!

From the 2005 rulebook
The game is played with a ball made of Horween red leather in four panels
that shall be inflated to a pressure not less than 12 1/2 psi nor
greater than 13 1/2 psi. The circumference of the long axis shall be not
less than 27 3/4 inches nor greater than 28 1/4 inches. The circumference
of the girth or short axis shall be not less than 20 7/8 inches nor
greater than 21 1/8 inches. The length of the long axis shall be not less
than 11 inches nor greater than 11 1/4 inches. The total weight of the
ball shall not be less than 14 ounces nor greater than 15 ounces. The
exposed laces shall be not more than 4 3/8 inches in length and 1 1/8
inches in width.

From someone's website

The regulation NFL football has been made by Wilson Sporting Goods Co. since 1941 It is an inflated rubber bladder filled with 12 1/2 to 13 1/2 pounds of air, covered with pebble grained leather (pigskin) of tan color. It is a prolate spheroid with a long axis of 11-11 1/4 inches and a circumgerence of 28-28 1/2 inches. It weighs 14-15 ounces.
Short axis from 22 and half inches to 23.

This says the Canadain ball is smaller

Smaller by ever so slightly.

I still say, 20 sec clock, the twelve men, and whoever said wider field makes a good observation. Passes take longer to get out there so the corners tend to be able to pickoff more.

if AC goes down, it will not be a good year for the Als, cuz the Bombers will capilatises and attack.