Campbell on Lions loss: 'It'll payoff in the future'

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers quieted the roar of the BC Lions in Sunday’s Western Final.

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Love the honesty from Rourke on the greatest fans in the CFL. Don't agree with his assessment of the game though. Winnipeg bruised BC into submission, if anything they were lucky to be within 8 and a chance to tie with their last possession.

Look for Rourke and the Lions knock the Bombers from their perch next year

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As a Tiger Cat fan, I was pulling for the Lions. They played well, but the Bombers played better. Now I have to decide who I want to see win the Grey Cup - what am I thinking - anyone but the Argos!


Nathan Rourkes poor start and the Lions inability to convert second downs led to their loss to the Bombers in the West Final. The Lions defense gave up 173 yards of rushing yards on the day.

Note: Due to the fact there is only 1 Winner in a game. I strongly disagree with coach Rick Campbells assessment. :upside_down_face: You must outplay your opponent to Win in any team or individual sports. :exclamation:

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Yes we'll all look for it, but probably will never find it.

Just about all great teams go through a failure like this one for the Lions before they learn what it takes to take that next step, having said that we have seen in relatively recent years where Lions young QBs get off to a great start then falter soon after - think Casey Printers and Jonathon Jennings, I hope that same fate doesn’t befall Nathan!

They'll be change again on the west coast. If Rourke goes south, the discount at QB is gone and some vets will be sacrificed. If Rourke stays, they'll still need to be some cap mgmt, I don't see BC being more than what they are right now.

considering the last few years for the BC Lions, this past season can’t be looked upon as anything but a roaring success despite the WF loss. new owner who puts effort into marketing and got fans engaged and back into it, and a young star qb.


.....and Campbell will want that game in his house next season, with two healthy running backs.

I'm gona say there were few that saw this coming after last year and with two rookie Canadian QB's. BC should be back to perennial western contender now.

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Absolutely. :smiley: :+1:


Good job this year Lions, looking forward to another tough Western season next year :+1:


You won't find it hard to look for. Rourke is real deal

Don't matter, the O and D line are both pretty bad, line backers are weak as is the secondary. They won't win a game in the trenches vs the Bombers. Rourke is also an average QB vs them. CFL fans should just sit back and enjoy the 6peat that's coming to a town near you

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A 6peat... I don't know about that but I sure would love to see it happen.
Apparently a lot of Bombers have sighed conditional contracts for next season. The condition being that if O'Shea stays, they'll stay.

O-Line and D-line can be fixed.

There won't be a six peat. Most of the Bombers will age out. The Bombers would've won 4 but the Pandemic killed off that possibility. Enjoy your 3rd Grey Cup, but it will end there