Camparison of 2nd string QBs re 3 Canadian QBs

To follow up on an earlier post that examined the quality of Brannigan, Faulds and Glavic, the three Canadian QBs who are invited to E Camp this year, I am attempting to provide a subjective rating of these three to the many American QBs who attained a 2nd or 3rd spot with a CFL club over the years. My hypothesis as follows:

Brannigan, Faulds, Glavic, would be better QBs than many Americans who played second or third string in the CFL. Can any reader name those American QBs who have not played well and would a CIS QB [Brannigan, Faulds,Glavic ] have played better that them?

I will start the process by stating that any one of our three Canadian QBs would have been an improvement over Ted White, the Als backup for two or three years, whose second or third pass usually resulted in an interception. Will those of you please submit examples where one of our Canadians would have been a better QB than the American [s] who was second or third strings QBs in the CFL?

LOL, I had Ted White on my mind before I even finished reading your post. . .

Others that pop quickly to mind. . . Mike McMahon (Toronto); Spergon Wynn (BC); Brad Banks (Ottawa/Winnipeg/Montreal); Casey Bramlet (Winnipeg); Cody Pickett (Toronto); Tee Martin (Winnipeg); Kevin Feterik (Calgary). . . I could go on I suppose. . .

You may be right, however I'll reserve judgment until these three have at least thrown a ball at the pro level.

Right now, they have exactly the same pedigree that each of those failures listed has: a solid collegiate career.

cmon art play along :stuck_out_tongue: how about Kevin eakin, Jason Mass, Tim Rosenbach, Timmy Chang, Ben Sankey, La fores,OR get this one Cody Led-better!

While it is doubtful there's a Canadian QB who could be as good as Cody Pickett, I wouldn't lump Casey Bramlet in with your also-rans. He was a rookie who had only been in Wpg a week before "Fathead" Kelly decided Bramlet would start the next game "to see what he could do". This is a textbook case of "how to destroy a rookie QB" in one easy lesson. With a 6 or 7 year NFL veteran like M. McMahon or M. Quinn (Wpg) bombing out, the proof is in the pudding...but Bramlet deserves another shot and I wouldn't base his potential on that one game.

...And Ben Sankey has the highest career Passer Ratings in CFL history.

Probably the first time I've seen the words "good" and "Cody Pickett" in the same sentence. . .

Guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I saw nothing in Bramlet in terms of any CFL potential. . . .immobile, little accuracy. . . and the less said about Pickett probably the better. My take anyway.

I don’t know…what can you really learn about Pickett other than he can take a hit? His o-line was terrible (on a good day), his receiving corps was a revolving door, and he’s on his 4th coach in two seasons.

I can’t see any way of lumping this guy in with the other duds listed.

And Sankey, that’s weird. Every time I saw the guy, he impressed me. in extremely limited playing time, he looked good. To me it was more a case of wrong place wrong time, than a lack of ability.

Bramlet…who knows. He had even less of a chance than Pickett.

And none of this should be surprising. I mean what, does 1 in 10 prospect QB’s actually amount to something?

Does anyone remember Vince Ferragamo Art Schlichter and Eric Crouch? All were touted as QB gods but flopped badly.

Heck, I remember Sandy Stephens

my, i could go on and on about this.

but it doesn't just come down to talent,

money is also a factor. can you imagine how much money a Canadian QB would cost if he was good enough to be a 2nd string or even a 1st??

with the Salary Cap?

I will wait until these Canadian QB's step onto the field and throw the ball in pro camps before I make any decisions.

i agree sanky was better then a wash. how about smith in calgary? i forgot about chang. he was aweful. anyone who was qb in winnipeg this year…

Akili Smith was a physical specimen. However, his body language shouted "I don't care....I don't want to be here."

Why would money be a factor? There are no "Canadians" at the QB spot, remember? So no matter how good a kid is, he's not a ratio breaker.

And, since when have you quit jumping to conclusions?

because until these guys are in a Pro camp, you can't say much about them...

Somebody with a green username save this for the next neg list hero that gets coronated in Riderville.....

Graham Harrell? Dalton Bell? Drew Tate?

RIderville wasn't really all that different. . many many Hamilton fans were all atwitter over Timmy Chang. . . until he got on the field and stunk the joint out. . . on many teams the backup QB is very popular until he actually gets to play. Some make it, many fail.

Precisely. Although, to be fair, team higher-ups seemed more in love with Tate than the fans ever were.

But Harrell and Bell fit the bill. Everyone seems to forget that Bell sucked royally in pre-season last year, and Harrell has yet to don a uniform, let alone toss a real pass, and yet, despite the NFL choosing some 224 players (but not him) in the draft last year, and the fact the Cleveland (yes, Cleveland), with all of its woes at the QB position determined that he was not even worth a training camp invite, is supposed to be our saviour.

Well, hopefully Durant's performance in 2009 will put on hold any seeking of a "saviour" that you don't need. . .

There's probably a healthy minority that would peg Harrell the opening day starter right now, despite the sheer lunacy of the prospect.

I hope we extend DD for something like 4 years, so we can end this silliness.

Comparison of 2nd string QBs re 3 Canadian QBs____ this Q is assuming one or all of the mentioned CI S QB, prospects , make 2nd and 3rd string coming out of T.C. 2010. RE_ comments about $$$ As rookies they would not get any more than Import rookie would, and if in their second or third year made #1 or starter status they would not make any more than Import Starters! With the Ratio the way it is, if A Canadian starter fall,s to injury he has to be replaced with a Canadian #2, same with Imports ,( if one or the other replaces an injured player a Change has to be made somewhere else on the roster, ie taking out a good Import starter and sub in a Canadian #2, SO that is why teams shy away from having QB,s as they would have to have a Canadian Backup as well, (to few and far between,) Unfortunately this has led to qualified and gifted Canadian QB,s not getting the opportunity they deserve IN the Canadian football league, ______________ IMHO the CFL should allow Imports to replace Canadian starters who play a skilled position in the Offensive Backfield!- Then we would be able to see how Homegrown talent compares to the aforementioned Import QB,s