Camp Updates

I live in S'toon. Will try to update accordingly and return the favour for all the Regina fans who provided updates from TC's past.

Day 3 (Tuesday).

Kierrie Johnson looks really good. He catches everything and is a shifty guy.

DB's - Ramzee Robinson picked DD. He is one to watch. He should have picked DD twice.

DL - No Mick Williams. He is listed on the roster but not on the positional depth chart? The optics - looks like any big guy north of 275 lbs that can't be fast isn't needed. The only big pluggers out there are Sholy and Evans. All other D'line are fast rush end types. Lots of stunting.

Chick was causing problems for O-line. T. George was also looking pretty good and pretty vocal as well.

O-line - spent little time watching these guys. The starting 5 work together and no surprise there except for Heenan not being a part of this group.

Coach Cortez - very detailed and is always riding the RB's about the little things, better routes, staying low, angles, etc. He was non stop.

Kickers - Ricky Scmitt was good punting. The coaches want the ball outside the hashmarks and Ricky did this everytime. Milo was plain average or worse. McKnight was slightly better than Milo. The only defense to Milo is he looks like he is nursing some leg issue but tough to say for sure? Schmitt puts it up there with hangtime. Based on today it wasn;t even competitive, Schmitt is the guy?

TC is still 9-10 more days. But if coaches were deciding today, Schmitt would punt and I guess it would be a battle of kickers for the FG (they only punted today, no placekicks.)

Practice seems fast. They work in groups for 20 minutes and a horn goes and everyone moves to the next deal. They trained a long time. 8:15 until 10:35. When they scrim offense and defense they are in and out of huddle just like a game, there is little correction time or this or that. They keep moving and 20!

Receiver - Dressler just tries hard. He dives for balls that are 20 yards uncatchable. I think he just likes to dive! I had to keep saying to myself "who is 81"..........smooth! Getz no drops and caught ball well. Taj still in in top 5 but he did drop a few.

Sisco.......looked fine. had a nice broken route and catch
Johnson - This guy was the guy today. Catches everything and he is smaller and quick. He'll be in the mix for punt and kick return.
Carr - Looked okay. He is so tall.
Rod Harper #83 - looked okay

Backs - Sanders looks good. Catches the ball nice. He switched to #2. #29 Dorsey is kind of a Saunders clone but slightly taller/bigger. But Saunders and Sheets lead the charge here and nobody will take those jobs.

I think they are really trying to find the depth for Saunders. If he goes down they want that scatback threat to continue. Johnson and DeDe Dorsey seem to be the guys that could fill that. Saunders will give teams fits just like last season.

LB and DB - too many to keep track of and they move them around everywhere? #25 Ramzee looks good. Macho Harris #3 sort of did some things. For LB's old man McCullough just hustles. Trsitan Black was in there. Old Rey #48 made a few stops and I had to look at the name /#. Get used to seeing #48.

It is hard to figure out what to watch. I can't get there everyday but will try to keep some updates coming. I went today because I heard the 1st practice would be the pads practice and tomorrow am will be more of a walk through.

QB's - everyone ewants to know whats up here. The rookie Sunderi seems to have the arm. Was hitting those long outs okay. DD looked just fine but simply needs more time with his group. Willy needs more time. Levi has a good arm and sorry to say.........he needs more time. You watch the QB but it is like watching an don't know the play call and their job/block/read? QB's looked okay, it isn't an area of concern.

Lots of media there lining up for interviews. I'd say 150-175 people watching.

Is TC free to the public?

Yes it is

Well I've taken in all the afternoon practices and these are the things that stood out to me.

  • Bagg looks ready to play. Looks faster and doesn't have issues with hard cuts.
  • They need to hide Getz's gloves so he can develop a touch for the football.
  • Dressler has to be first in line in every drill
  • DD STILL telegraphs his play. No second or third read, just walk up to the line and try to force the pass. WILL SOME COACH ACTUALLY TELL DD TO TRY A BIT OF DECEPTION? ( A pump fake should happen more then just once a season)
  • SIsco is trying to make some fashion statement with those blue glitter cleats.

Kierre is big play maker. I hope he makes an impact. Shed Carr, keep Kierre. I don't need to watch camp to know this. :thup:

blue? BLUE!!?? Might as well p[ut some gold with that.


bye Sisco.

Ya, they looked liked what would left over if Buck got tackled by a Care bear.

Went up to camp on Saturday.. Few people really stood out to me.

Kierre Johnson, SB - This guy looks good! He has speed which none of our 3 starting SBs really have. Dressler is quick but doesn't have the flat out burner speed and Getz and Geroy won't be winning any races this year. He caught almost everything that was thrown at him and the ones he did drop I attribute to the rain. He runs a nice route and gets separation from DBs he looks smart as well as physically talented!

Brian Peters, LB - Looked to be the hardest working LB out there! Was really impressed! He chased everything down, he made a few big hits, and he was always around the ball! Loved watching him!

Tearrius George, DE/DT - I have been hard on him with his play, but in practice he was working as hard or harder than everyone out there! Made a few of our Offensive linemen look like fools.

Stephon Green, RB - He looks good.. extremely fast, good cuts, great receiver out of the backfield. Have to keep this guy around! We cannot afford to let another good RB slip through our hands. If Jock, or Sheets goes down I believe this guy can fill either of their spots without missing a step!

Eron Riley, WR - Wayy more impressed with him than Gregg Carr. Works hard, has nice deep speed, and has size! Looks to be a solid route runner. Didn't get to see much of it from him, but what I did see impressed me.

There is one player I saw that really underwhelmed me and really disappointed me..

Gregg Carr, WR - High hopes for him, but he looks lazy, his routes are sloppy and he dropped a few that should have been caught. Very unimpressed.. rather disappointed..

I should also mentioned all of our QBs looked brutal during the mock game.. could have been the rain, but I expect more from our QBs especially Durant who looked the worst of the 3.. Would have liked to have seen more from Brown, as well as I would have loved to see Sunseri get a drive or two.. He had a friggin cannon for an arm! Not as much touch as the other three QBs in the QB drills but that comes with practice! You can't teach a big arm!

appreciate the write up boys :slight_smile: thanks for the info!