Camp Update II

Hello. I have not gotten to camp as much as I would have liked. Life gets in the way sometimes. But saw all of training this morning.

Spoke with Hughes after practice. This morning was the last tough practice. Light walk through later today and Thurs morning. Then bus to Edm at 6pm.

Deep at long snapper. Levi Steinhauer looks okay, especially for a rookie. Aaron Crawford also looks good. Hucluck only did FG snaps. The other two handled the punt snaps..........I think coaches want to look at them (Aaron and Levi) as much as possible because they know what Hucluck can do.

I guess that might have been why Bryce McCall maybe saw the writing on the wall. He would compete with Butler and Hurl as non import LB and then have to compete as a snapper. And the other fellas named above looked like they belong.

Punting was way better today. Milo looked almost great. Schmitt still has better hang time. McKnight finished third because he placements weren't there.........but he was close. All 3 punted pretty good. But I think Schmitt has the punt job as long as we don't have to play a ratio game. He is consistent with distance, hang and placement. The other two are more sporadic.

On D-line.....Hilee Taylor, Antonio Coleman, Jermaine McElveen and Will Davis all show some good stuff. The surprise is junior player #62 Ryan Wellman looks like he can hang in there. He does the job. The one issue here is Levi Steinhauer just looks out of class based on size? He just doesn't have the height or the beef? So he better be great at snapping and teams.

Mick Williams remains out. Hobbling so I would think another 5 days at least. Maybe by Monday, but he might run out of time. The whole group looks good. Chick, Foley and Sholy are first in line everytime. #97 goes first.

Defense seems to be ahead of offense. Which is normal. Very vocal group and they seem very confident right now. They seem to be a group and rallying. Rey is in charge. Anderson, Weldon Brown, Macho Harris also like to yip it up.

#52........Kromah. Is he the next Rey Williams? Not seeing him very much aside from individual LB drills? His number does not seem to be in the mix very much? Surprising? But I only saw 3 practices so I won't read too much into this. There are 80 players to watch!

#50 one watch. He's the next TBrack but he is likely 3 inches taller. Almost had a beauty diving pick off DD. He moves quick for a guy 218 and that extra size is handy playing inside. He looked good.

Heenan and Valdez scrapping it out at RT. Heenan looks like he can move better. But who knows.

Offense. Defence had them in scrim. The QB's were going through reads and not finding much. Honestly, offense did not look crisp this morning at all? Getz made a nice low diving grab because DD was flushed out of pocket and made a not so great throw. Should I mention the one Getz dropped, maybe not?

Pissy practice as well. You can tell they have had 9-10 together. More vocal and more physical. A d-Lineman ploughed Scott McHenry. Nobody offered him a hand up and the D all chirped him. McHenry took a run at #90 Antonio Coleman and that brought more chirps from the D. They just seem to be together, loud, talking, rallying. But my point is these guys are ready to hit another team............they are getting sick of practicing against each other.

Barron Miles - non stop talking at the DB's. He's all over them and making sure all the little things are done.

Johnny Holland - visiting LB coach just seems to be a pro. He seems to be a super super guest coach for the LB's.

Malone - O-line coach. I think I like him. He can get loud. He always is pulling aside one lineman after a play and must be coaching them something. He's really involved.

That is it. Game on Friday. Might be on radio since TSN scaled back on live exhibition games? Then next week at home against the stamps! I am happy I don't have to make the decisions. Because for every #50 making the team..........who gets cut? They are deciding on backups at most positions. Tough calls to make.

appreciate the updates and insight :slight_smile: thanks for the write up!

Thanks for the update grubber; Heenan gets lots of support [from family] as well from the coaches. Ben IMO is one of those players with the little things [techniques learned in his own right] and therefore can excell/and display his capabilities on the field.