Camp News

Mentioned before it would also be nice to see Trent Corney become a starter although it will be tough to displace Okpalaugo, Jeffcoat or Roh but sure would help with the ratio situation.

He ain't going nowhere + he was a FA and returned.

Sometimes things change.

I can't comment on it more (I could, but I can't) other than to say I know that as of now he is still in the plans. If Henry keeps playing the way he is...who knows, but they hope to carry all 3 DTs + potentially a 4th NI

I said Eddie Steele but Jake Thomas is a good addition. Nice that he was still available.

Positive step forward imo.

.....Jake 'the snake' Thomas was on speed dial waiting for the possibility of an injury...That came true today as Ian Marouf headed for the tub....Not sure of the extent of his ailment but it's very fortunate that Thomas was still available..It might be awhile before Marouf is ready to go again....Too bad as according to reports he was having a great camp so far.

Steele was in Camp today.
Club is leaning towards 2 Canadian DTs.
They let James go, who was high impact when he played.

I am wondering about Moe Leggett so added a poll to the thread.

....Polling pretty thin joe.....maybe some don`t know where to find it ::slight_smile:

Leggett back soon would be best.

Demski practising today. 05/29

Heard it was a really good practice today. No details but don't worry.