Camp Battles - WR

From the GC last year we dressed 9 total WR's

4 Nationals
5 Internationals

Starters included:

Tasker, Grant, Fantuz, Sinkfield, Giguer

As of today we are going into camp with 14 bodies at WR. We can safely assume that Tasker, Banks, Grant, Fantuz, and Sinkfield are secure. I'm interested to see who comes up as the #2 National, and if Koch can keep his spot, or if one of the new INTL players will bump him out.

17 Tasker, Luke WR International
1 Underwood, Tiquan WR International
14 Sinkfield, Terrell WR International
85 Bryant, Lamont WR International
83 Fantuz, Andy WR National
80 Toliver, Terrence WR International
82 Smith, Tim WR International
86 Koch, Cary WR International
81 Coates, Matt WR National
84 Grant, Bakari WR International
19 McDuffie, Quincy WR International
87 Anthony, Deon WR International
89 Watt, Spencer WR National
88 Aprile, Giovanni WR National

I don't think we can assume anything

I think if any of the starters are on the bubble it would be Grant. He was not signed until late in the off-season, kind of like a default selection. Underwood could be the replacement if he picks up the system fast enough.

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For ratio reasons our starting NAT receivers, Fantuz and Spencer Watt are in, so Coates and Aprile must backup those positions.
Tasker and Banks are locks
I think Koch comes with a pretty big contract as he was signed as a free agent and he didn't play much last year,
Koch will need a real good camp to stay, I am just not sure about Bakari.

Personally ... I think you dress Banks as a DI and not a starting WR. You can sub him in for one of the other starting imports as you see fit and if he has just returned a long punt/kick, you can give him some downs off.

Fantuz & Watt as starting NI receivers as far as ratio as has been previously mentioned. Question is if they move Watt inside to the slot. That, along with Andy & Tasker would be your 3 insides in a 5 receiver set. That would give you 2 imports at the X & Z spots. I could see the new guy Underwood at the X and either Sinkfield or Koch at the Z. That could leave Grant on the bubble.

If they play Watt at the Z, then that opens up competition for the 3rd inside slot receiver spot. Grant would be in the mix there for sure.

Definitely will be interesting competition in this area. McDuffie & Sinkfield give you the added benefit of kick/punt return duties to give Banks a breather now and then. Also fly sweeps etc that Austin & Condell have shown to like. That's a plus in their bids to make the roster. Also, speed will be a premium.

Underwood gives you some nice size at the X spot and real recent experience in the new interpretations of PI.

I saw Deon Anthony play a couple games. He's an interesting prospect. Really an "athlete" as having played both QB & WR at Troy. I put him in the group with McDuffie & Sinkfield. Low potential that all 3 make the roster.

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What he said! :wink:

big McDuffie fan. I hope he stays healthy and shows what he can do.

Judging by todays drills speed is a definite priority and we got lots!

Grant has intangibles that should allow him to make this roster. He is still not an old guy, catches everything thrown his way. Blocks, is tough as nails, knows the system and is in a contract year and thus is highly motivated.
No matter what Bakari makes my Ticats if I am doing the selecting.

I really hope so Iceman, I really think guys like that bring a steeltown quality to our team that gives the team a little glue and leadership.

I'm watching... and you know I could jump in at any time if I think this thread needs a reality check! :lol: :lol:

My guess is that the Cats will try very hard to start 4 international receivers (probably by adding a national on the O-line). It will be odd that they went out to get Watt and Woodson and then won't start either but I think they will want to find a place for this incoming international WR talent. It will allow them to start two international RBs in 4 receiver sets and make them less vulnerable to an injury to Fantuz.

I hope Underwood continues to impress on the practice field, as he apparently did on OTA Day 1, and goes on to win one of the WR spots. In his first interview, as a Ti-Cat, he seems bright, very personable, enthusiastic and has the right attitude to impress the coaches and, likely too, his new teammates. If he makes it, he's certainly going to be a hit, as well, with the marketing department and the fans. He's got it -- good looking, likeable, comfortable on camera, and a real standout for sure whether he's wearing his #1 or not. I could be wrong, but he looks like he might even be a half-inch or so "taller" than he was the big league.

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A couple of real tall receivers have been brought in

Both Terrence Tolliver and Lamont Bryant are 6'5" and Tiquan Underwood is 6'1"

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 1m1 minute ago
Newly-signed WR @TToliver80 has made a couple of nice catches on day two of #Ticats mini-camp. #CFL

What a great photo. That is how you get up there and get that ball. The defender has no chance except to try and knock it out of Toliver's hands once he's back on the turf. Beautiful.

Who threw that?

The guy's 6'5" and he goes up like that? No DB in the league will be able to knock that one down. Nice.

Like this one? :oops: :oops: :oops: :o :o :o :lol: :lol: :lol:

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On the Canadian side of things Fantuz and Watts are locks to make the team. I can see the team converting Woodson to slot from runningback and drafting either Durant or Demski with their 1rst selection as their 4th Canadian receiver. Coates and Aprile are both on the bubble and I'm guessing that neither makes it out of training camp and both are released, or at best one is kept around as insurance hidden on the IL or PR. Both Coates and Aprile played sparingly last year and neither one stood out or did anything special. This is one area IMO that needs to be looked at and upgraded this season, especially if Fantuz goes down again with injuries and with Giguere now in Montreal. Having a Canadian quartet of Fantuz/Watts/Woodson and either Durant or Demski is how I think it will pan out for this season.