Camp Battles - RB

I might start a few of these so it's easy to keep conversations separate.

My prediction is that if Grigsby has worked on his hands and learned blocking schemes of the Austin system, he will win out the #1 tailback spot.

our top three coming out of camp will be grigsby gable, and woodson who doubles up as a teamer.

Madu will be IR'd
I think ojuri and scott (total unknown) are early cuts.

I personally believe it’s CJ’s job to lose. And when I say lose I only mean due to injury or that his rehab is not 100% once the season begins.

I’d sure like to see them try Madu at slotback. Kind of a “Durie” type role sans the passport. Not sure that the roster #'s & ratio etc will allow that though. But an interesting way of getting 2 & even 3 rb’s on the field.

I think Gable will be 1A and Grigsby 1B.

Mike: I can't wait until Madu gets back. I think Gable will be fine but I dunno about Grigsby. I agree with your !B classification but I need to see more of him. He seems like a powerful runner but so far seems to have tough time making yards.

I think Gable is the number one guy at RB, Austin at times gushed over C.J and his overall ability as a back, blocking, running, catching and so forth. I think its his job to lose, of course there will be worries about his health and durability over a whole season as he has had problems over the last 2 years but Grigsby is a great guy to have in case Gable goes down and I think they will both get snaps even if C.J stays healthy.

Barring no injury setbacks
Gable #1 no questions asked
Madu back-up. Perfect team mate and solid RB
Grigsby very talented. More so than Madu the back-up but doesn't bring the same chemistry and team values to the group.
Practice roster bound

Grigsby did a solid job last year but, I think, CJ will be the starter for this season, barring injury. i would keep Nic for the tough yards up the middle though.

If so, this will be quite a test for the young man. The 1A 1B thing happened to him in the 'Peg last year and we know what came of that. Interesting to watch for sure.

Austin has shown he is reluctant to dress more than 2 Running backs, even sometimes last year dressing ONLY his starter.

Gable resigned AFTER Grigsby extended, which tells me that “team chemistry” and Nics “attitude” are just trumped up BS from HC o’shea, who has never had to be the driving force behind team culture - of which, Kent Austin is a master

There is just simply no way a guy that was the East Divisions nominee for RotY is

instead i think it’s more likely to see Gable and Grigsby dress, with Madu and Woodson hidden on the IR.

Jeff Scott has the most to prove here, and needs to beat out Madu to make the team.

I'm pretty sure it was the other way around. Gable extended then Grigsby re-signed with Hamilton.

Not that I think it matters much. Guys do what is best for them & their career & family. And if either guy didn't think they were "the guy", then that's when it would be a problem. I'm sure both are coming into the season with the intention of being #1.

Anyways, I wrote a little something on this situation if you are interested in reading.

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You're correct, I mis-wrote what I intended to say.

I like your blog post, but disagree that Austin would dress Madu over Grigsby. Given some time to learn the system and blocking schemes Nic is a greater asset and much stronger runner than Madu. with grigsby's "nose for the first down line" I think improving his protection is the key - and if he can do that may well slide CJ out of the #1.

Madu will not be used as a "slot" there's not enough room on the game day roster to dress a guy and use him out of position like this. He also lacks the speed the Cat's are trying so desperately to find in their receivers.

Sam Ojuri, and Jeff Scott are definately on the bubble. Woodson may have an in because of his National status.

CJ Gable is the best all around Back in the CFL unless someone shows up and blows him out of the water hes #1

Thanks LB74 ... Appreciate that. Although I don't think I wrote that Austin would dress Madu over Grigsby? I'll take a look though since it's not out of the realm that I would make such a bold prediction! :lol:

Agreed that it's highly unlikely that Madu would be used as a SB. Just "spit-balling" & thinking of some unique solutions.

Both Archie Amerson and Marcus Thigpen were very successfully converted from RB to SB

True, but we don't have a need at SB right now, or in the near future. If we need a fast guy there for a mis-match, we can always insert Banks...

Ojuri didn’t make it out of the OTA’s, I’d keep an eye on Madu and Scott fighting to make the 46 man roster. However, new punting rules make woodson less of an asset. Maybe watch for a trade to BC or EDM for futures.

46 Man Roster,

32 Gable, C.J. RB International 6.01 215 1987-10-19 Southern California
2 Grigsby, Nic RB International 5.11 195 1988-12-26 Arizona
26 Madu, Mossis RB International 6.00 197 1987-11-04 Oklahoma

Game Day,

Grigsby, Gable

I wouldn't be so sure about Woodson. Drew was reporting that he was taking reps at SB at mini-camp - a position he played last year with the blew team when Durie was out with injury. His passport also gives him a very big edge...

Madu is done for the year, and grigsby has the dropsies plus bad pass protection (won't fly in a kent austin system)

This Holley kid did well enough, but didn't impress going north/south.

Haven't seen anything from woodson.

With holley's performance on teams, woodson is most likely on the bubble.

I noticed Fullbacks running routes out of the shot-gun in preseason A, so if woodson has hands ic could be his saving grace.

I think this is a tough one to call. Grigsby needs to get his act together and pick up the blitz and stop dropping passes.

I disagree with your assessment of Holley. I thought he ran hard in the exhibition game. Reminds me of Josh Ranek. I'd like to see him in a real game.

I don't see Holley (International) and Woodson (National) as competitors for a spot on the roster. Nor do I see Woodson as "most likely on the bubble."