Cameron's Predictions - Bombers VS Tiger-Cats

Cameron told me that he had some predictions for tomorrow's game.

  • Tiger-Cats are going to win... but it's going to be a close game. Maybe come down to a game winning field goal from Setta.

  • Tre Smith will either take one to the house or come very close.

  • Our defence will record 4 sacks.

  • Our running game will do so well that some people will wonder if we still need Lumsden (ps - the answer is "yes we do!").

  • Richie Williams will play well but not well enough to justify knocking Printers out of the #1 spot... and, Yes, it's PRINTERS spot.

  • Cameron will poop at some point during the 3rd quarter.

That's it. Those are his predictions for the game!


Cameron also predicts that the beer will be cold and the sausages will be hot here at his house.

good job cameron I think I will probebly need to poop as well around the 3rd quarter but I will wait for a comercial and then go.


Sadly, Tre isn't playing tonight, he got caught in the import/non-import thing...

Cute young lad there Rusty!

Tre Smith got caught in the numbers game? They couldn't find anyone else to sit? He's one of our top players!

Whose colours are those on Cam's beret?

Army Supply Tech. Posted to 1 RCR.