Cameron Wake update

From, after Miami's 12-9 win over Jacksonville Monday night:

"Cameron Wake can rush the passer: The former CFL linebacker had 39 sacks in two season in British Columbia, and showed he'll have no problem getting to the quarterback in the NFL. In one play in the second quarter, he burned past the opposing OT, shook off a blatant facemask penalty, and pressured Bouman into a bad throw. Wake still has to prove he can effectively drop back into coverage, but if he does, he'll become a complete linebacker for the Dolphins"

It was this close -- >< -- to a sack. Wake is proving his speed off the edge will help him greatly as a pass rusher. I would surmise that he will continue to be used as a situational replacement for Jason Taylor (mainly third-and-long) until he makes the transition as a OLB who can cover. Good beginning to the preseason for him!

Go Cam Go, but Squish The Fish! LOL


Watched the game. Cam Wake did ok, has that great burst of speed off the outside but never quite got to the QB. Looked a little lost dropping back on pass coverage a couple of times.

A couple of other ex-CFLer were playing for Miami. Ex Eskimo Joey Thomas played some corner in the 4th quarter and made a tackle. James Robinson just down from the Argos played wideout in the 4th and had a catch.

Dolphin rookie QB Pat White looks like he would be a good CFL type. These are the kind of QB the CFL used to get, but the NFL are signing these guys now for a change of pace.

Didn't see ex-Calgary DE Terrius George, but he's still listed on their roster.

I hope Wake makes it .. I hate to see him back with BC..
If ever had play then in a Crossover or Grey Cup Wake would make them alot Tougher