Cameron Wake is a BEAST.

Last year big Cameron Derek Wake dominated the CFL defensive awards in his rookie season. This year he is 20 lbs bigger and stronger and still just as quick.

Today he had 8 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 forced fumble.

He was an absolute BEAST today....even if he was up against a rookie Left Tackle.

If Chris Wilson, the guy who Wake replaced can make the NFL for the Redskins, i think Wake is good enough for the NFL as well. Discuss?

Best player in the CFL in my mind. Dominated the CFL last year, is dominating even more this year. Unfortunately for us Lions fans (and fortunately for the rest of the CFL), he won't be in the league much longer. He is NFL bound.

Definitely this guy should be in the NFL

I think this is his last year in the CFL if his contract is up. He is too athletic to not be in the NFL.

I dont know about the other teams but the Lions have had a few defensive players head to the NFL after leaving the CFL. Their player personnel guys are outstanding.

Shelton Quarles
Brendan Ayanbadejo
Chris Wilson

Soon Cameron Wake :frowning:

I hope he stays in BC,but can't blame him goin down south. He's exciting to watch, even if he's piling my Rider's QB's into the turf

I hate to say it but I think he’s too good for the CFL. Winning Rookie of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year solidifies that. This season he is leading the league with 12 sacks in 10 games. Wake is a superstar.

this guy would be a perfect hybrid type player, he is a perfect OLB for a team that plays 3-4, the thing with Wake, is that he will be a role player in the NFL, he would be a situational pass rusher on third down, not a superstar.

Yes, unfortunately, I think we’ll lose him to the NFL next year.