Cameron Wake in Sporting News Magazine

Anybody catch the great two page article on Cameron Wake in the Sporting News Magazine? Two full pages and a big picture of Cameron in the middle. After tearing up the CFL for the B.C. Lions, he is expected to have a breakout season as an outside linebacker for the Miami Dolphins. In a sidebar section of the article, Cameron is asked for 3 things you (NFL fans) don't know about the CFL. 1. Its a game for smaller faster players. "You've got a lot of quicker, more skill-set athletes. The bigger field and the rules make the play different. Very few 300-pound D-ends are going to be able to run that field sideline to sideline". 2. Their fans are just as enthusiastic about their teams as fans are down here. 3. You won't get rich. "You always have guys here making millions of dollars who say "Oh, Id play for free-this is what I love". Up there, some of those guys are literally playing for the love. It is not for the money. They're not going to retire off a CFL contract. And they don't drive big cars or go home to a big mansion. To me, those are the true football players who really would do it for free". Best of luck to Cameron this year. He is a great CFL alumni who really appreciated his days playing in the CFL.

Excellent and talented football player, has lots of heart for the love of the game. Worked hard to get where he is today and I look forward to watch him play. :thup:

Cam Wake is a class act. Truly shows he's grateful for the opportunity to play in the CFL and is a great ambassador for the league down south.
Watching him dominate the league for 2 seasons was fantastic.
Hopefully he continues his success enjoyed in the NFL.

I really like that third thing he said about players that would play for the love of the game. It shows that he really appreciated his chance to play up here and what the CFL provided him I wish him all the best next year except against the jets

Miami plays the N.Y. Jets twice. So; I look forward to that also since I am a Jets fan.

He had 5.5 sacks last year, and he’ll likely get even more playing time than last year due to the fact that Miami is pretty thin at outside linebacker. He could have a big year.