Cameron Siskowic

I have to agree with above! I am tired of hearing people say we have little to no talent at the receiving position. For rookies these guys are playing exceptionally well!! Our LB are doing an exceptional job as well. we are still giving up the long throw to often sometimes but i am sure that will be fixed in the off season.

Lets sit Gordon and see what Zemaitis can do.
I have been waiting for him to make an appearance since he re-signed.
I am confident he will be an upgrade on Gordon!!!

definately....i'd like to see what Zemaitis can do....and gordon always seems to be the victim of big pass plays

Who is Anderson??

I never said I expected him to turn in around in one season. I did not expect him to start from scratch by getting rid of our all-star LB corps either.

I realize we are work in progress, but we may never see Mace or Giguerre and Mitchell still has a long way to go to be a stand-out receiver. I didn't discount the fact that he did bring in some talent, I just think he thought he brought in much more than he did. O'Billovich wasn't alone in BC and can't take all the credit for their finds.

Who is Anderson??
Meant Anthony