Cameron Siskowic

Very impressive. He may not have been playing because of the ratio. Good on special teams also. Bye bye Zeke, lots more american linebackers out there.

Charlton Keith was hailed as the next Montford after his one good game last year. That hype got him a starting job this season. He had no competition in camp except for a converted fullback. One game or even a couple plays in one game is all it takes to send hopes through the roof in Hamilton.

8) Maybe you were one of the ones that I was talking about, who said that Siskowic was not any good because he had been on the practice roster all year !!
I hope you are not including me in that group that thought Charlton Keith was the second coming  !!

By the way, where exactly did I say that Siskowic was going to be some huge star player ??

I merely stated that he should finally get a chance to play, after lingering on the practice roster all year.  Especially after Zeke was traded away  !!!  Judging by a lot of other members comments on here, Siskowic did indeed play a very good game on Friday night  !!

i think what bengal was trying to say is that it was just one game…Siskowic could come out and stink up the remaining 6 games and never play in the CFL again…and then all those people that said Siskowic wouldnt be that good…would be right

i find it funny that siskowic gets activated from the PR and plays and makes an impact while a guy we traded for (botterill) who has been on the active roster, doesn't even play.

i realize that he's canadian and mariuz was on fire but at this point of the season, a guy from the PR shouldn't be playing over a guy who's been dressed every game

Let’s not get carried away here. :twisted:

Great game for Cameron. I was impressed with him in camp. The guy has arms like a tank (thus the hulk nickname). I’ve been saying tha Charlie could not recognize talent since last year and nobody wanted to agree with me.

I do have to say congrats to Ray Mariuz. He had a fantastic game. I’m happy for him.

Once again, I am in total agreement with Borehamgirl. Siskowic looked amazing, and so did Ray Mariuz. Seems that we have a lot of good things coming to fruition as the season winds down. Here's to the new guys, showing what they can do, and giving us long-suffering fans some hope. Next year may be something we can celebrate. You know the old saying: "Hope springs eternal", etc.

As one mentioned earlier #40 was never given a chance all year after having a great camp till we got rid of the over paid Zeke! Now they put him in he was all over them! WOW!

Mariuz has played great the last two games..maybe Moreno was getting in his way of being the player he could be.
Btw..Siskowic played very well for his first game

Before the season I said that Mariuz was the most under-rated Canadian in the CFL. I am happy to see people are starting to take notice.

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Bit of a stretch don't you think??

The country on his passport was the only reason that Cameron did not play before Moreno was traded.
The country on his passport is why we did not re-sign Armour.
There is nothing more to read in to this at all!

It is all ratio related.

not really..
I didn't mean 'getting in the way' that Moreno was slow..
Maybe Moreno controlled where Mariuz should be on the play..and now that he's has been traded,Mariuz might be more relaxed,playing with more confidence.He has played with more confidence since Moreno was traded.

May have a little more to do with the fact that he's trying to prove that he shouldn't be the next one to be replaced. When someone of Zeke's calibre is traded after the coach is fired, it can cause the remaining players to step up their game.

At every home game I have watched this big guy (Siskowic) walk out on the field in shorts and t-shirt... and each time i thought "that guy is huge... just dress him and make him stand on the field. He will stop something." Finally, they dressed him. Glad he had a good game. Hopefully they'll continue to play him.

I think people own Obie an apology, as clearly he has players with potential to play MLB.

borehamgirl - I've noticed you've changed you Obie 'reference' signature. How come?

I perfectly understand the ratio BUT if you have talent, you have to play it, no matter where he is from. Instead of signing Anthony and playing him right away, why didn't we play Cameron? We have Glavic, Beveridge and Bekasiak not even playing but are there for the ratio.

I don't think you do.

Out of respect for the men I am honouring in my sig line. Seemed to me that my memorial message was more important than the O'Billovich one.

I still think O'Billovich is a terrible GM, but I sincerely hope he manages to turn it around and prove me wrong.

Obie has years of experience and contributed to a couple of the HOF'ers inducted this year...Flutie and Pinball. He has brought in some good talent in this year. You can't expect a GM to fill as many holes as the Cats had in one off season. Yet, consider what he has put in place after one season.


Import rookies:
Zemaitis and Jackson (have been on the PR list but would like to see them get out onto the feild)

And a few Canadians to look forward to in the future:
And two first round pick this year.

With many holes filled and legitimate youth in place I would like to see a starting corner to replace Gordon, OT especially on the left side, Up grade on the pass rush like Obie found in BC with Wake and Hunt, and hopefully we can land a legit CFL vet at WR.