Cameron Siskowic

who is this guy?!!!!!!
all over the field!
forced a fumble/already made 2/3 HUGE tackles
I Like.

From the first preseason game I liked him, I'm glad they finally put him in and showed what he could do.

A very strong game for Cam. In on the sack in the 4th. Proved he's worth more time on the field for sure.

Did Marsel look impressed Porter lads.

8) Funny, I mentioned last week that Siskowic should finally get a chance to play, and I was told on here that he was no good, and that is why he has been on the practice roster all season !!!
Shows how much some of the people on here really know about football  !!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

why? because they were mistaken on one player? and i suppose you have never been wrong? and it was one game…

why? because they were mistaken on one player?
8) Yep !!

Ray Mariuz played well to.

I thought Mariuz played very well.

i dont think he had any more playing time than he usuailly does he just really stood out tonight. good game cam

This was his first time playing since preseason..

Mariuz last 2 games have been excellent,he has been flying around making plays.

Great game!I found it funny how they made him sit all this year at the side lines!:wink:

Thanks to Cahrlie Taaffe - he could not recognise talent. I like what I have seen for the last 2 games except for the lack of finish … We will be much better in 2009

Zeke who? :wink:

Just because he’s been on the practice roster does not mean that he’s not a good player. If he wasn’t any good they wouldn’t be hanging onto him. He got a opportunity and made the best of it. Give him some time to get some game experience and we can judge him better. :cowboy:

if I'm not mistaken the reason y Cameron wasn't playing until now is because he plays MLB, and didn't we have a MLB by the name of, oh the name escapes me

oh Moreno that's right :wink:

He was nick named the hulk in training camp. He also has not played since pre season because I believe he was injured. Correct me if I am wrong.

8) No, he hasn't been injured all that time !!
 He has been on the practice roster since training camp, and this was finally his first chance to play since then  !!

 You are right about him being nicknamed the hulk though  !!  If you see him in person, you will know why !!!

I didn’t say he was injured ALL the time.
I believe he was injured in the 2nd pre season and the has spent his time on the practise squad. Yes this kid is ripped!

I wonder if his younger brother is the same way. He also is a LB for Illinos