Cameron Siskowic Released..

Cameron Siskowic has been Released.. They 1st of Many come .

"Cameron Siskowic I think those pictures are the last play of football I've ever had...GEtting Injury released...Ill be back in vegas Friday...

not too surprising, i had him getting cut, looks like their keeping Haley

If they keep Haley, no one will be able to say he didn't earn it....................

Looks like the Als will be releasing Reggie Hunt and Stanford Samuels.

Two BIG talents!

If they can let talent like that go they must have some real good talent in camp.

That's true.

Sorry to see Siskowic go, I just don't think he had the "smarts" to play the middle. You really have to be
able to sniff out plays and he didn't seem to be able to do that very well. Probably due to his inexperience.

Bugsy, you read my mind. That's exactly what I was afraid of.

Apparently they're trying to trade them first. Calgary might make a deal for Hunt, having cut Armour loose.............

Not too surprising.

He did bring a lot of energy and tenacity to the team, though.

Siskowic showed good heart, but he is not the answer in the middle.

OnKnight, where did you hear this? Facebook?

What is your source????

Wasn't he billed as the great 'HULK'? So, what happened? Did someone accidently cut off his hair???
Did Dalilah get too close to the Cats dressing room???

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Yes I am Friends with him on his Facebook page .. He said He was going back to Vegas..

It says on Edwards' blog that he has been added to the one game IR

by one game ir, does he mean practice roster? because even boltus is there

according to chml cameron was not released guilliory was

Something must have changed ..He was told he was Cut ..
Now he been put on 1 Game IR ..
I don't get it something is fishy

Im guessing that’s what he meant by ‘injury released’?

They cant release him if he is injured

It means that once he's healed he's out on his a$$ :frowning:

Not nescessarily, it just gives the team some more time to decide what they'll do with these guys on the one game injury list. :cowboy:

Hulk told me there trying to trade him.

The guy's a spark plug, I was really impressed with him in the win against Montreal last year at IWS. I thought he was going to make the team this year if not start at least be around the team again.