Cameron Marshall Starting Running Back

As revealed by Steve Milton in The Spec, Cameron Marshall will be starting at running back in the Eastern Final. Many fans figured Tyrell Sutton would be the starter, mainly because of the experience factor. I see Marshall and Sutton as very similar backs, both power running backs with the ability to catch passes out of the backfield. I fully trust the coaching staff for their reasons and decision to start Marshall in Sunday’s game. Oskee-wee-wee!!!

Sutton didn’t play much after the 1st qtr in Montreal which I found strange…maybe he’s injured?

I thought the same thing…that an injury may have something to do with the decision.

Absolutely no reason to second guess this.

This decision worries me.

Media: “Let’s go live for Trevor Harris’s reaction”.

Oh no, now I’m worried because if you’re worried I’m worried. I’m getting flashbacks of the 1981 Eastern Final. Damn you Crash!!!

The fact you’re not worried has me afraid. And worried.

I envy your confidence, Dork. I’m already feeling edgy and it’s over 24 hours to game time.

Nervousness isn’t worry. It’s anticipation.

Dean is going to get hit with the Go Train express.