Cameron Marshall debut prediction

I see Cameron getting 11 carries for 70 yards with a long of 19 .

What say you ?

I predict that Marshall will have more yards gained than Wilder , Sutton or Green combined this week .

So any bets ?

What say you ?


Too funny!! I nearly spit out my coffee ???

Not likely to see too many 100 yard rushing performances in a Condell offence. :frowning:

Prediction: If he has a successful run, they will come back to it immediately on the next play, and then once or twice more on that drive. After which, they will forget that Marshall exists for at least a full quarter, while we work on establishing our 0-to-2 yard passes.

Sounds about right. At that point we will launch an underthrown deep ball to a receiver in double coverage. ;D

I tend to be suspicious of the choppy Condell approach myself, but maybe this will be Condell’s “break-out game?? He did it with Zach in 2015, and Orlondo seems to have faith in him and his offence.

Lmao. Nice!

There’s something about injecting fresh legs into the offense. Player looks hungry, something to prove, more energized than everyone else.

Wouldn’t be surprising at all if he lit it up…

Very little wear on his tires in the 7 years since he finished University.

Looked great as a Bomber and showed very good hands.


Well he certainly looks good on film. He is a load to bring down and is pretty fast. I am excited to see what he can do.
Funny one Bobo …I get the Sutton and Wilder connection to me but not Green so much.
I would like to see them bring in another import back like Sutton in case Marshall falters or gets injured. If Marshall gets injured we are down to Jackson Bennett or Coombs which is not ideal.

LOL. Actually the Green reference refers to some other posters who stated that the team get him on speed dial and bring him back ASAP .

As for Marshall let's hope that he lights it up and hopefully doesn't get injured along the way . It seems like last year it was our receivers who were dropping like flies in the injury department and this year it's our RB's that are now doing it .

Personally I've been a big fan of Marshall's since he first debuted in the Peg right on thru to his time in Saskie . He has rarely been the feature back but always seemed to shine as the switch up guy who has come on in relief of the starter .

I do agree though that if we do somehow lose Marshall to injury that we could be in major league trouble in the RB department . Here's hoping that it won't happen and the team will have a contingency plan in place just in case we have to cross that bridge...fingers crossed . Keep in mind that the running back position is one of the easiest to plug n play and replace . As the saying goes " RB's are like a dime a dozen " there is a lot of them out there just waiting for an opening and an opportunity to shine .

From what I heard, Condell is getting to know Evans better and just starting to get his input into the game plan (as he did with Masoli) so I suspect that we'll see more plays that are better suited to Evans skill set which is different from Masoli's. Up until now, Evans has just supported Jeremiah, and has not had input into the game plan.