I want to bring my camera to the playoffs but i don't want to risk not being allowed to bring it in....i have a minolta SLR camera, do you think that bring it would be a problem?? i have a zoom lens, but only to 80mm

Shouldn't be a problem.

wait a minute..... if it looks like a professional looking camera, it may be a problem. The Lions might figure you're going to take some good close-up shots of a play and publish them or post them on a site. Better take a junky camera and take less than average photos than risk confiscation.

I have some pretty powerful lenses so I know by experience what the capabilities of SLRs are; a 100 mm or 200 mm will garner you a close shot of, say for example, a FeLion.....

this is the same camera i just has the 35-80mm standard len.

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i have e-mailed the Lions but they have yet to reply ( 3 weeks ago )

I bring my camera to every game and it has not been a problem, of course I just have a cheap digital - I dont think youlll have any problem