Cameras and Binoc's


This is my first post. I've been lurking for some years now.

As a casual fan, I have a question that may seem obvious to many. I have not been to Ivor Wynne in many years. In light of the imminent demise of Ivor Wynne, I decided to go to the stadium one last time (what better opportunity than a playoff game, right)?

Upon looking at the list of prohibited items, I see nothing regarding cameras or binoculars. However, I do see a restriction prohibiting "anything that can be used as a projectile".

This leads to my question. I would like to take a small camera, and a pair of mini binoculars. Will I be hassled at the gate? Both these items can be thrown. I searched the group, and see that some people have brought binoculars, but how are they generally with cameras and binocs? We'll be going by HSR, so I would hate to have to throw my stuff in the garbage.

Thanks you to all responders! Oskee Woo-Hoo!

+Dave Y.

You'll be fine, you can bring both cameras and binoculars.

There's also pretty big scoreboard now that shows the game as it's happening and shows replays if you really need to see up close.

One last time? Ivor Wynn has at least 5 or 6 more years left in it before the new stadium will be up and ready for the Cats to move into. You still have lots of opportunities to go back.

I bring a camera and binos all the time. No problems.

Camera and binoculars are fine....just don't ask this forum if you can bring in an umbrella :wink: