Cameraman sacked

You just have to give a whole lot of credit to the camerman who got 'sacked' on Ralph's touchdown.
That was an amazing shot, one which we'll probably see a lot of in the future.
He had to know he was going to get hit but still kept himself in position for the shot.
The announcers said later that he was fine.

Great camera work. :thup:

I wish they would get rid of all those sign boards and people milling around on the sidelines. I figure anyone on the sidelines that gets hurt on the sidelines is there own fault. Some day a player is going to twist an ankle or knee as the result of those sideline signs

I just watched the recording...WOW did he get nailed....Pretty stupid move by Chip Cox

The Montreal D back deserved a penalty for hitting the Calgary in the endzone and out of bounds. But I also noticed the structure holding up the advertising signs did not move when the Calgary player was pushed into it the cameraman and the advertising structure. It was stupid to put up advertising signs that were that stable next to the sidelines.

Did anyone say he didn't?

You just aren't happy about anything tonight, huh? :expressionless:

isnt there a penalty for low hits? If there is, d(irty)avis sanchez would get a penalty every play.

Only on the QB

oh i guess that makes sense