Camera In Front of Scoreboard ?

Concert related ? somebody explain and somebody promise this will never, ever happen again.

Yah concert related. Mike said it a few times over the pa.

Get over it. There is a scoreboard at the other end of the field.

Not a big deal looked a bit tacky but it is what it is , possibly should make a platform on top of this Amazing Score Board for future half time shows or rethink where they set up the stage

Next time TSN should rent a platform (or crane) that rises higher than the scoreboard. Doing this would alleviate this problem. I can't believe the league would allow the Trawna Sports Network to block the scoreboard.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

That being said the secondary scoreboard in the south endzone was working. I'm not sure what would have happened if it blew a fuse or something. :roll:

Last nights performance was very disappointing for several reasons...The platform in front of the scoreboard was just one of could just as easily been positioned off to one side, but NO...let's put it in front of the scoreboard. To look at the one at the other end was an option, but it was almost always wrong...showing the wrong down, the wrong yards etc. It seemed they were playing catch-up most of the night.

My big complaint is the announcing and the "blasting of what someone thinks is music entertainment", continually. :thdn: The announcer trying to talk over it...I swear to G'awd it was reminiscent of some of the worst nights at the old Ivor Wynne. After a couple of good experiences, how could they screw it up so bad. :roll: When there was a break in the noise, we try to have a conversation and NO...right back at it with blasting distorted musical garbage and the announcer talking over it. :frowning:

I'm sure "Monster Truck" put on what would have been a good show, had they been some place else other than where they were. Sitting near the goal lines the sound was distorted and although they were shown on the video was almost all close ups of the individuals. A better idea would have had them back where the TV camera platform was and the TV platform where their tent was. That way we could have seen and heard the band better and the camera could have broadcast the entire band on the video board. Problem with seeing the scoreboard solved.

We had two guests sitting with us, from Moncton NB, who we had met at Touchdown Atlantic last September. Sure it was nice to come away with a win...even though it was a boring game...the distraction and noise of the PA, the scoreboard fiasco and the loud, foul mouthed "look at me" drunks, that permeate the stadium are what these East Coast Ticat fans will remember of their first visit to Hamilton and Tim Horton's Field. :oops: As usual, Star security and the Hamilton Police are a waste of time and money...the Ticat help team is a joke...they won't do or say a thing about unruly foul mouthed drunks. It seems that some people go to the game to get entirely pissed up on expensive brew and the Ticats organisation is happy to accommodate them. Am I bet. :wink:

As a along time multiple season ticket holder, I can certainly overlook the problems that the team has endured with so much that is "out of their control". The drunks is something that they seem to be promoting. We as fans of the game, need to take a look around and ask yourself "is this something as a Hamiltonian I'm proud to show". I'm a fan of the Hamilton Tiger Cats but some times the "game day experience" leaves much to be desired. It's hard to promote interest in new fans when you are ashamed to take young people or "guests" to the game. Those in charge, need to take a look around.

Haven't been to a game at the new stadium woody but interesting read I must say as you are someone who is or has been very positive about most things and I have a lot of trust in your observations. The organization and the city should take notice of what you have observed. :?

further to Woody's post -
Someone has to get control of the sound system
for most of the game the music was too loud and too much. It even blared when the TCs were in the huddle, right up to the snap. It blared when the public address guy was talking except when he was reading a commercial. And commercials continued right over the referee announcing a penalty.
I noticed this situation was adjusted for the better in the last quarter so maybe someone in authority caught on.

seems to me this game was a bit of an anomaly, because the PA, music and overall presentations have been quite good up to this point.

loved Monster Truck for the halftime show. should've happened long ago. Hamilton is a place of great musical talent and should be showcased at every opportunity.

The music was fine and the concert was awesome.

Stop complaining about nothing.

Exactly what I was saying...It had been pretty good up until last night.

And "blue tees", we are not complaining about "nothing". I posted what I did in an effort to get people to notice and "make it better".

I believe...If, "you are not part of the solution"..."you may be part of the problem". Things don't get fixed without someone speaking up. :wink:

Disappointing to hear the comments from Woody. We sat in Section 26 at IWS and the constant blaring music was a huge problem.

Up until last night it seemed to have been corrected. Hope is was just a "bump in the road".

We have our seats in Section 205 - Upper West Side - and are still waiting for completion.

In addition to some of the other comments - about rude fans - the TV broadcast kept picking up some jerk yelling at the Ottawa bench. Most of which I won't repeat but included asking Brett Maher if he was inbred. Thanks for adding to the classy reputation Hamilton already enjoys!

People complain about everything these days! Maybe your life would be happier if you where more positive!

I'm very happy and unfortunately for you have an opinion.

Is that directed at Bruce, WC?

If so and I apologize if I'm wrong, may I refer you back to post # 3 in this thread. "get over it" along as it doesn't bother you correct?

Another problem with the either scoreboard. the yard line where the ball was rarely changed. plus many times mike nabours talked over the referee calls.

My point is we all have and are entitled to our opinions - and that mine are not based on my outlook on life.

If I'm wrong - I too apologize.

This is a terrible thread. Not because the complaints are fair or unfair but because everyone seems to be ignoring basic rules of forum postings, namely:

  • comment on the subject of posts, not the poster.

  • if you don't like a post best rule is to ignore it. Don't reward bad posts by replying to them.

  • making general complaints on these forums does not help the team or the City address them.
    Send your complaints, with specifics, to the people who care and can actually do something about it - your ticket rep or his/her manager.


The camera was blocking the scoreboard because the camera at its normal height (the height it had been at the first few THF games) would have been partially obstructed. The view of the near end zone to that camera was blocked by the roof of the stage. I suspect that problem may have not been noticed until very close to game time when TSN were running camera checks just before the game - and the decision was made to raise the cantilever device the camera is on to that height so the roof of the temporary stage did not obstruct its view of the end zone at all. No big deal as they were not blocking the main video board section at all and the south end board had any info you needed.

I was in Section 213 with my 15 year old nephew last night and I have no complaints. I did not notice in a negative way the music between plays. It did not seem too loud to me in our area at least and my nephew commented that he loved some of the tunes they were playing. (Although I did have to laugh when he was looking around in amazement at the crowd singing along to Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline because he did not know he song).

Sure there were a few drunks around - like any Friday night game I've been to anywhere in any sport - but any near me were of the harmless, humorous variety - everybody seemingly having a good time.

So no complaints from this Cats fan.

100% all wrong you just sound like a whining care bear