Camera Angles in the CFL

So last night at the Als game, I noticed how little cameras we had during replays. We basically only had 1 camera it seemed. It was most obvious suring the fake Calgary punts. Then I look around and I see there's like 3 freakin cameras filming the Cheerleaders and fans!

COME ON! The whole game was the same. TSN pays camera people to film the Cheerleaders and fans but they don't even film the plays! COME ON! PATHETIC!

Well, good point Marty although I have to admit, I suppose sheepishly since I watched 95% of the game, that this never occured to me. I guess I'm just not as observant as you are.

This is part in reason why the CFL broadcasts have a very 2nd rate feel to them. Watch an NFL game, and you're libel to have 10 camera angles for every play. I wish TSN would pull up their socks and improve their product, its probably the largest difference between the two leagues (aside from the $ - which kinda goes hand in hand i spose)

Nevermind the CBC broadcast, the goshdarn CBC set looks like a gang of highschool kids prepared a bunch of scotch tape, glue & cardboard 20 minutes before the camera's start rolling. Especially for anyone that has an HD setup. We always laugh everytime we see these 4 clowns jammed into the center of my screen behind that $15 garage-sale desk. gotta love it tho.

To steal a quote from one of the greatest .. "You're only as good as you look!" .. I suppose there is some amount of truth to it ..


I agree statik 76. Obviously the NFL has more money to work with, but how much could 3 or 4 more cameras cost? Also for replays there is no point to even having it if some of the camera angles are too far to get a good viewpoint. Ive seen some games where a TD catch in the back of the endzone was disputed, and the only camera angle seemed to be a mile away. The coaches lost the challenge because of "inconclusive video evidence" ;no kidding.

The one that bugged me the most was the fake field goal right at the beginning of the game. The one camera man that was filming the play followed through on the kick, so you couldn't see the pitch or even half of the run, and they had NO OTHER ANGLE to go to so you could actually see what the hell happened! Only the day after could they finally secure a cruddy looking replay from the CFL's official gametape camera to show in the highlight packages. In the NFL they would have had enough angles to tell you what the facial expressions of all the players involved were.. let alone to catch the friggin action.

Thats what bugs me the most too. Lack of replays. Statik makes a good point, (I hate comparing leagues...) The NFL have so many camera angles, can't TSN just try to attain at least half, and focus on the games?

How much? lets say $100,000 per camera for a broadcast quality set up. How about a new switching truck to accomodate the extra camera say $1.5 million and an extra 6 or 7 staff people at the game. Each stadium modified to have locations for the new cameras. So lets say about $2.5 Million for capital costs and another $5-10,000 pergame or around another $million in operating costs. So yeah not much :frowning:

Geez, what world are you living in? They can have that new top notch camera for about 55 K$, the switching truck can handle more cameras than TSN will ever have, and there aren't more than two employees per camera at the game (except for the motorized cam, for which they are three).

So it would really not be that expensive to add a camera.

But Marty's point was not even that they should add cameras. It was they should make a better use of the ones they have. One camera on the play and three cams on the cheerleaders won't do.

CFL should invest more into the cable cam(the one ESPN uses). They had it for the Grey Cup last year, but I only saw a few replays with it. Its awesome view from the cable cam. The angle allows the viewer to see things from the offensive players eyes.

I agree, the CFL needs to update the cameras.

Of course the league knows that they need more and better camera angles. They have been saying that since they brought in Replay. Give it time folks, this is the CFL, it takes time for changes to be made. Or, you could donate 500,000 dollars to upgrade the production style of the games. TSN was bought by ESPN a few years ago, you do see a similar style in the production model as ESPN. The panel with Schultz, Dunnigan, and Clime is the exact replica set design as used in the ESPN College Game Day and ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown. There will be more changes eventually, give it time.

Guess it depends on which camera you buy, but yes there are some studio cameras that can be got for $55,000 canadian. Prices are dropping, but the last two cameras I bought came in at around $100,000 Canadian each when you add int the pods and all the other bells a whistles. Not been in the TSN truck but yes they may have additional capacity or they may not. I have been in lots of trucks that are hard placed to handle more than 10 cameras.

I agree, two staff per camera is about right, so my figures were on the conservative side.

A couple of other things to remember is that at a stadium the camera crews that you see might not be from the broadcasters. Stadiums with Trons have their own cameras and crews that are not tied into the broadcast system.

As for the NFL, not sure what the situation is today, but it used to be that the NFL had its own cameras and crews to do the replay, they did not rely on the broadcast video.