Cam Ward a Rider Fan

I always had a feeling this nice kid really seems to have his stuff together.
Turns out he's a Rider fan (note the hat)!
Classy person all round. :lol:

well, no one said hockey players had to be intelligent...

i thought he was from alberta?...i woulda figured him to be a stamps or eskie fan....oh well.

good to see him represent the CFL duing the stanley cup parade!

Ward was born in Saskatoon, and moved to Alberta when he was a little older.....12? 13? Not sure.....

There used to be alot of Leaf fans in Sask. I guess all thats gonna change now :wink:

Nice stuff there Cam. Now all we need you to do is get that hat off and put a nice TiCat black and gold one on!


great job pumping the CFL.....

rider fan dam I use to like this kid up until now! :lol:

I dont care what team he likes as long as he is a CFL fan, then great in my books.

Cool. Good job wearing a CFL hat. Too bad its Saskatchewan. Oh well. I forgive him.

He lives in Edmonton, for those that were wondering. I'm not surprised they couldn't get him to cheer for the Esks.. nobody that comes to Edmonton cheers for Edmonton or wants to stay in Edmonton.. after all, look what Pronger announced today...

Pecca as well!

Prongs didn't announce anything. It was a "close source" who leaked the information supposedly. I call BS.

Looking less and less like BS every second.. watching the Football game? Every commercial they talk about how Pronger wants out, citing "Personal and Family reasons." ie: "My family doesn't like Edmonton, and personally, neither do I."

I do not know apparently it is true!

I also remember seeing Clarke Wilm of the Leafs getting interviewed wearing a RoughRiders hat after a game. haha :smiley:

well it could be worse :wink: Cam could be wearing a Halifax ....... cap :? oh wait u dont have a CFL :lol: team

Thats because edmonton sucks balls! GO STAMPS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cool kd everyone from alberta does.... Go Riders!