cam wake

where on earth did you find this guy???? 72 tackles and 16 sacks? thats beyond insane.... id suspect a lot of nfl teams want to have a look at this guy no?

He played as a tackle in for Penn State. Was Released by the Giants

no wonder the giants released him, look at the pass rushers they have.........

I was absolutely shocked to see this guy up here. He was a monster at Penn State. If Chris Wilson can play in the NFL, then I'd say that Wake will be joining him shortly.

Good point , no knock on Wake but those Giants pass rushers were awesome in the Superbowl .

I sure hope this story is WRONG!

CKNW has learned that CFL Rookie of the year and defensive player of the year Cameron Wake is trying to get out of his contract with the Lions. Wake led the CFL with 15 sacks and was the top defensive lineman in the country.

He has one year plus an option left on his contract, and is attracting NFL interest. His agent has found a technicality in his contract after consulting with the CFLPA.

The Players Association has told Wake that if he wants to go to arbitration. He has to pay his own way.

Wake can not go to the NFL under the current collective bargaining agreement until after next season.

Lions coach and GM Wally Buono and Wake’s agent held long talks yesterday that were classified as positive.

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Was just reading that on TSN...

wake should be tarred and feathered and run outta town under a shower of rotten tomatoes and eggs.

Don't hold back FYB, tell us how you really feel! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I guess I’m showing my age. I remembr when you could talk to a person, shake his hand, look him in the eye and trust him.

Contracts and handshakes dont exist any more I guess. :? :? :?


You sure are showing your age; you are repeating yourself.

And I'll tell you something else.

You are repeating yourself

The guy should be made to play out his contract.

don't give someone the ability to pave the way for other players.

if you sign a contract in the CFL, you honour it until you are finished it!

There Madjack, I fixed it, sort of.

Stupid computers!

something about the nut behind the wheel?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, yeah..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Anyways, Cameron is back and ready to go!

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I think Wake is the best talent in the CFL. I just hope the success doesn't get to his head

None of this talk about Wake is true. He never tried getting out of his contract, he always planned on coming back and finishing up his contract here. He was approached by some NFL teams and I know he definatly would have liked to go play for them but he is dedicated to the Lions and knew he had an obligation. Now him coming back next year is highly doubtful if he has another season like his last.