Cam Wake Update

Heres a little material on Cam Wakes training camp.

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at least they are talking about him. Sounds like a pretty talented group of guys if they make Wake not stand out.

Yeah, kind'a torn about this... I want Cameron Wake to do well and make the team, and kind'a vindicate the CFL a little (There is no arguement from me that the NFL has superior players) I just get tired of NFL fans dumping on the CFL, like it is impossible to be a fan of both leagues or something.

Then on the other hand, seeing Wake back in B.C. would sure make me happy.

To the average NFL fan, one who isn't aware of CFL history, it is just a small league from up North.

As hockey fans, specifically NHL fans, we tend to view other leagues as lighter versions as well.

Almost to a man though they all admit to being very surprised by the level of play here.

Maybe he's just better at the Canadian game because of his size and ability and the unique nature of our game. Lots of Yanks haven't or couldn't play our game because they're too big or not fast enough for the big field IMHO.
Please come back Cam, we and the Lions are missing you with the possible exception of all the other D linemen and QB's in the League.

Yeah, just ask Ricky Williams. :smiley:

Somebody said he was going to tear-up the CFL. Hmmmmmm... didn't happen. As, a matter of fact, he looked no better than a average running back.