Cam Wake Signs Extension

8) Former BC Lion DE Cam Wake has signed a 4 year contract extension with the Dolphins, for a reported $49 Million.
   Apparently $20 Million of that is guaranteed !!!

   Does anyone really wonder why these players from the CFL want to try out in the NFL ??  Silly question !!!

Congrats to him.

I don't think anyone questions why they go down to try out, but when they go down and waste 4 years of what could be a great career (a la Samuel Giguere) just trying to catch on makes a lot of us wonder.

It doesn't make me wonder at all.

Giguere was trying hard for a good long time to catch on in the NFL where he could make a lot of money in what is always a short career in football. It didn't work out for him, but chasing your dream is not a waste in my eyes.

Good for him for dedicating himself to that effort. And good for us he's now a Ticat.

My dream is to have enough money I can say I no longer need to work so yes, if it means playing in the NFL or tossing tiddlywinks in the air or what have you to make that kind of money, you give it a shot until it looks like it isn't going to happen.

But anyone who comes to Canada to play in the CFL is great in my books so again, all the best to Cameron Wake and hope he has a long career in the NFL.

So, DavidC, you are saying that he wasted the last 4 years.

It's true that his potential career in the CFL has been shortened

but he still has time to have a great career here in the CFL

and he grossed a million bucks in income in the NFL.

How many of us grossed that much in the last 4 years?

I guess the other way to look at it though is for someone who is on the bubble type player like SG, a practice roster type position, is it better to say to heck with that immediately after one year with the NFL club, play in the CFL for a couple years and get actual numbers up first and then use that experience/numbers to go down to the NFL again? Personally I don't think so, if you get serious looks from an NFL team immediately after college, you go to the team and see what happens, you never know with injuries opening spots up and that, at least for as long as SG did. A guy like Fantuz never did get an offer but if he did, I'm sure he would have done exactly what SG did.

I haven’t made a million bucks (not that it is relevant), but if he is as good as many seem to think he is, it is conceivable he could have made it here too.

That's the tricky part though. NFL rosters are large, they can afford an athletic guy like SG that is "just good enough" with the hands to fill in at slot or wide receiver if necessary.

In the CFL not as much luxury, if your a guy SG's size and that, you pretty well have to be able to catch the ball well and be ok on special teams to be an impact player, you have to be more multi-dimensional with the ability to start. A big difference. SG might be a "beast" beyond all beasts here in special teams but that still doesn't mean he has the hands and route runs to be a really bona fide CFL starter and star. We will shortly see if he has what it takes to be a starter in the CFL and be a star in that aspect.