Cam Wake Fourth on Depth Chart

Hmm. Thought I would see if I could find any info. on Cam Wake. Checked out the Miami Dolphins website and could not believe he is listed as 4th on their depth chart. 3 other guys ahead of him. Shouldn't he be a starter? Did not Jason Taylor say Wake was far ahead of him than when he, Taylor, first came into the NFL. What a waste of talent. Wake should give the middle finger to the Miami coaches and go elsewhere. He is 28 why waste time holding a clipboard.

NFL politics at its best.
too bad for wake!

I think Wake has $1 million guaranteed reasons to hold a clipboard, plus another minimum 300,000 reasons a year.

....that league to the south has all kinds of 'incentive money' to throw around....which leaves the CFL at their mercy, as far as signings go....I don't blame Wake for taking the dough....would you refuse a cool million someone was going to 'drop' on you, for just standing around....Doesn't enhance ones playing career...but heh...the end result sure helps ones bottom line :wink:

whats more important i guess, money or playing time

Wake played defensive end and he is a outside linebacker.Theres alot of reasons he isnt starting and I think miami has a better outside linebackers than him.The nfl is loaded at skilled positions and I dont say it politics but just overall talent

All he's good for is the pass rush. He's the fourth LB wich is usually utilized more in the pass rush. No way he's gonna beat out guys like Taylor or Porter, at least not this year unless there's injury. I guess I better slap a big fat IMO here.

He's almost like a Kitwana Jones of the NFL. He's a situational player that's too small to play on the end, and he's prob a bit too big to be an everydown LB. From what Ive heard so far though, is that he made himself known to the QBs in training camp.

Well, maybe Cam will be tired of not playing by the end of the season, and will come back to the Leos next year... :rockin:

the easiest way to make a Million Dollars.. I'll do it!! :cowboy:

what's to complain about really?

cam is in a good spot with miami imo… as sandusky mentioned there is a lot of talent down there, miami has good linebackers… so for your first year with a team after a cfl stint i dont think you could really expect him to be anything more than a situational player… they have said how much they like his ability as a pash rusher… if he sticks with the team for any length of time he will get his shot, by either impressing in practice or by injury, itl come down to how he performs when he gets his chance… but for now hel have to tough it out. miami is deep with experienced nfl linebackers

He doesn't hold a clipboard. He's not a backup QB

Joey Porter: 6'3", 255 lbs Outside Linebacker

Cam Wake: 6'3", 250 lbs Linebacker

You don't know what your talking about. Is Joey Porter a 'situational player'? Check you facts before you start spouting off about player size... :cowboy:

Just got his sack against Trent Edwards before the half.

Look, the competition for jobs in the NFL is so much tougher than the CFL on a player by player basis, everyone wants the shot at big dough, I would to. Wake is up agains't the best that have been deemed to be best suited for NFL style play per the position. Wake was a tweener like so many guys coming out of US college, you can be a great defensive end in Div. 1 in the US at 240. But that ain't going to do it at the NFL level where for every 240 pound guy doing a 4.4 40, there are just as many 255 pound guys doing 4.4 forty's. The NFL does have the best players as a rule, but the CFL game is better in terms of overall football entertainment IMHO even with generally guys who don't fit into the NFL mix right off or maybe never. Then there is our Canadian guys who I love and love watching, but dont have a chance in heck of ever making the NFL and no slam, they are talented in their own right, but no one knows about them and they don't have the speed/size combo the NFL wants. But who cares, it's about the Grey Cup for me, the CFL could go dodo and I'd love the fight for Canada's national championship with university teams or club teams or junior teams or whatever. The CFL isn't about the "best" talent in the world, it's about winning our national championship, that's all IMHO. In order to really get into the CFL, you have to get into the Grey Cup I think or else, just watch the NFL, the superior league in the entire world of gridiron. You'll probably never "get" the CFL then if you don't understand what the Grey Cup IS.

  • 2 more and 6 tackles. Big day for Wake and warrants AFC defensive player of the week honour.

To say the do say the cis is on the nfl draft radar just take a look at jamal lee?The nfl will take a kid out the cis as quick as they take one out the ncaa.....I bet you ERIC GLAVIC get a nfl look at 6 foot 6 225 pounds.....who wouldnt we just want to win here plus i'm a browns fan and I dont care where the players are from as long as we win

Didn't read this thread but Cam Wake had 3 sacks today!!!!

6 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 forced Fumble today against the Bills.

Stupid Bills

That will move him up the depth chart.