Cam Newton would own the CFL record books

Cam Newton would own the CFL record books…At 6 Foot 5 250LBS AND WITH 4.5 SPEED who would stop him…If yall think Tebow is good Cam is 10 times better

Pure size alone isn't going to get the job done as a qb, NFL or CFL. If is was based on pure size and good speed for a qb, why don't they put into the position some of those huge lineman that can also run well and be athletic? I think you know the answer to that question.

Who said Tebow is good?

I agree Cam Newton would probably make for a good QB in the CFL. "Owning the record books" might be an overstatement.

Newton would be a far surperior player in the CFL than Tim Tebow, much like in the NFL, but like Billy said, “own the record books” is a massive exaggeration.

Newton would be good but I dunno about “owning the record books”. Would love to see what Vince Young would be able to do up here as well. $24.95 through Indigo I dont' see why this topic is contraversial in any manner

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What are Newton's and Young's stats in the CFL? I'm having a hard time finding these? :wink:

All speculation until you do it with the lights turned on in actual game situations. Who knows, Mike Vick could be a bust up here, honestly.

even when I knew flutie would do well up here, I had no idea he would do as well as he did. Ya just never know.

I had very high expectations of heisman winner Andre Ware, yet he turned out to be another dissappointing bust.

Me too. I figured Ware would have a long, successful career...So much for that..... :lol:

Who is this Ohio football, all he does is come on the CFL forums and bash the CFL while bragging that any NFL player could "own the record books" well how did Ricky Williams do? Does this guy even have a favorite CFL team?