Cam Marshall or Tyrell Sutton?

Who do we start at RB next game? while it would be nice to have both in the lineup, that is unlikely…I think. I’ve always liked Marshall and believe he should have been used more than he had been instead of being constantly rotated in and out of the offence. But, I also like what Sutton brings. It’s a difficult decision, but if I had to make a choice, I would go with Marshall. Congrats to him winning top performer of the week!

This is a really tough one - I like them both a lot. Assuming both are healthy at decision time, I think it would have to be Sutton because of his experience and his performance recently. Marshall was great last week, but I’d take a bit off my enthusiasm because of who we were playing against in that “nothing” game.

You have a point about playing against backups. But that also means we didn’t have a our starting offensive line to block for him. I think he has run well when given the opportunity. But, it’s a tough decision. It would be nice to have them both in the lineup.

I think suttons more reliable for 8 yard ground and pound football and great hands too

Sutton if fully healthy in EF.

If it gets to Calgary (yes it will), and it’s -20C with a crap field it would be nice to have both backs in the lineup… 2 mean ass snow plows! ;D

Say we did bring both to play… Who sits to make our Canadian content proper? Could Sutton act a a fb?

I support your first thought, Neilfml, and like your second. However, on that one, I also repect Corey.the.tiger’s question. I prefer Sutton vs. MTL and, perhaps, Marshall vs. WPG or SSK simply because of their past connections to those teams. Without that consideration, I lean toward Sutton because of his greater experience as a receiver out of the backfield and the “hungry” factor, taking in age and his 77 games, over 8 seasons, vs. Marshall’s 36 in 5 seasons, both without ever playing in a Grey Cup game. How great it is to have the depth, we do, on the roster.

Couldn’t we sacrifice one of our import receivers to have both of them in the lineup? Maybe Tucker’s spot?

Both are great backs but if Hamilton faces Montreal. I would go with Sutton. He wants to go to the Grey Cup badly. It could be his last chance to win one and I’m sure playing and performing well against his former team gives him extra motivation.

Can’t argue with that. Except the part about “you”/I’m sure performing well. :slight_smile:

Not to muck up the waters even more but this morning on 1150TSN radio Melo reported STE is getting close to 100%

There’s not much daylight between Marshall and Sutton. Both have played well for us. I’m sure the coaches will make the right choice.

Sutton has more experience and was a bit more effective for us as a receiver. My main concern is that his last appearance was a 3-carries-for-5-yards performance. If he was hurt in that game, has he fully recovered? If he was not hurt, why didn’t he run very well against MTL?

Marshall has been with the team all season and may know the offence slightly better, in theory. More importantly, he ended the year as the league’s hottest back (if you can make that claim with a one-game performance). I think he ran as hard or harder than I’ve seen any of our RBs do all season. As mentioned, it was against lowly TOR but he was also running behind our second-string blockers. His effectiveness tailed off sharply in the second half for some reason. CM did get hurt this season but appeared to have healed up pretty well.

As for STE, I think it would be risky to start him after being out so long. But I imagine dropping his name into the depth chart as a backup would cause a bit of anxiety for the opposing coaches. I don’t think Irons scares anyone yet.

Health may be the deciding factor in this roster decision.

I think Sutton catches the ball better. So im going with him.

Easy to get STE in the lineup with either, don’t see both getting in.

I think if STE is ready to play Irons would be sitting. Just my opinion of course

Solution - Triple backfield with Sutton, Marshal and STE. Heck, for a wrinkle throw Addison in too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to see both dressed but Orlondo will go with the import backips he has been going with.
I think Sutton has more experience and more past success and he wants a grey cup bad. Sutton is also more of cold weather back and liad to bring down.
Cam Marshall did look great last week but it was against the argos.

I also hope they dress both.

Sutton plays the first half, Marshall the second. Run it down their throats.

I believe the Cats will dress one American RB . They can rotate Irons and Bennett in as well . The Canadian kids also play on the teams .

I voted for Marshall but I love our depth at RB . If Sutton starts, that’s great too. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (lets save STE for next year)

Good point. Sutton has that element to his game. Also gives apposing defenses more to worry about

All go points. Sutton’s last start does concern me. He is on the 1 gam injury list. And as far as him being a cold weather back over Marshall…TS @ 5’8" 217 lbs. vs. CM @ 5’11" 215 lbs. are very similar. I wouldn’t start STE, even if he’s 100%. He could back-up however.