Cam Judge sucker punches Lucky Whitehead

I love having wings and beer with opposing fans!


Me and my group of Riders buds watched most games at a local drinking establishment in Swift, had a blast back then, paralyzers were the popular drink servered in a 2 liter jug with a drop of food coloring for your favorite team.

Edit, BTW back then, Swift Current was neither swift nor current. Lol

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I generally agree with you about accepting responsibility but the problem with that is who determines if it is justified or not.

I’m not sure that cheap shots were more rare back in the day. There used to be a lot of stick swinging like the infamous Maki/Green incident. Also the ending of Ace Bailey’s career and Red Horner’s retaliation. See below for the details of that ugly incident.

And I would say that Billy Smith didn’t fight his own battles but rather that he started them.

As to evolution, survival of the fittest ultimately doesn’t mean survival of the strongest, but rather survival of the smartest. Humans are at the top of the evolutionary scale (believe it or not) for that reason alone. There are many animals far stronger than us.

We will continue to disagree and I am of the view that all fights are pointless and unnecessary, unless in self defense or defense of others. They prove nothing and solve nothing.

No problems with having the odd disagreement with you, although I am not sure about the background thing. I played competitive hockey for years and have been in a few fights although I was hardly a fighter. For years I looked at it as part of the game and mostly shared your view but over time my view evolved. Nevertheless, I invite you to come to a Bomber game and we can meet behind the toolshed if you wish.

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LOL, I have a feeling that if you and I meet behind the toolshed, it will be because that's where either the beer cooler or the still is located.

I've been told in the past that I'm the first choice of most of my friends to be at their back in a bar fight. I have the feeling that when the fight is over and I'm talking to the cops (or the judge) that you should be my first choice to have my back. We'd make a good team! :grin:

Of course, all this sounds much more dramatic than it is in real life. I've been in maybe 4 non-sports related fights in my life, and one of them was in high school. So its not like I go around gooning people, or advocating for it, lol.

Alrighty... facts and opinions
Fact 1... I have stated my opinion.
Fact 2... you have stated your opinion
Fact 3... our opinions are different
Fact 4... neither one of us is likely to convince the other.

Opinion 1... having stipulated to all the facts above, I still say we'll get along just fine when we one day actually sit down over that beer.


Speaking of dirty players

I will never understand the point of signing just to retire from a team.

Because then the player can say he retired as a (insert one-day contract team name here)…

yeah but what is the gain?

It becomes ‘official’ then n the grand book of sports…

Its a sentimental thing.

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look i ain’t gonna ague with big Z if he wants to retire a Bruin…

Not sure I'd argue with him about anything.

A good example would be Bobby Orr. He ended his career as a Chicago Black Hawk, but it just feels wrong. In a case like that, a one-day contract with the Bruins is just the right thing to do. (Not sure if he did or not, but you get my point)

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oh yea totally, but i’m not the one who was questioning dudes signing to retire with the team they identified most with.

It’s symbolic and feel good. Same thing as induction into the Hall of Fame. No gain there either but very important for the player.

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I know... I replied to you because of the big Z comment.

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Not a stamps fan but in the context of how the cfl has moved now on such plays I’m a bit suorised any team would be allowed to register a contract for him now …. Even a 1 day

That hit basically ended Moonshine's career. Sad

not “basically”. it DID end his career no question. and no Hebert should not be allowed to sign a cfl contract.


just as i always thought, the conspiracies ARE true.

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