Cam Judge sucker punches Lucky Whitehead

As per Farhan Lalji.

Right on. Whitehead is a mouthy little man

no link??

On his Twitter.

Lucky Whitehead apparently said derogatory things about his family then got sucker punched :facepunch: right in the kisser

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Well if true and this happened after the game I would expect the league needs to suspend Judge for at least 2 games and a criminal assault charge against Judge should be coming from the Calgary Police service.


Lucky looked like he was concussed after the hit. Came up all wobbly and could barely stand on his feet.

Not saying (if true) that insulting a guy's family is appropriate but it's not worth a punch to a helmetless player (he was wearing a beanie on his head). A lot worse has been said in sports and guys - typically - walk away and line him up for a clean hard hit next game.


So... if I do not see stampeder fans calling for this player to be cut and not ever allowed to play cfl ball again i will lose whatever little respect I had for that fan base...judge your own as you judge others is my thoughts here


Lucky should face the same fate as Garrett Marino

I assume you mean Judge.

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I thought the story I read said it happened before halftime.

Whitehead said derogatory things.. should be punished by the league

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Now the little man is taking to Twitter.. which should be more discipline. Kick him out of the league

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We don’t know the details of what happened yet but it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I expect supplementary discipline for one or both. Certainly for the sucker punch, which is never acceptable.

I am disappointed to hear that a hockey game broke out. I always tell others that football is more of a man’s game than hockey because players don’t usually attack their opponents for any perceived slight or after receiving a clean hit. This incident is obviously an exception. Perhaps Calgary was frustrated by the realization after last night’s loss that they will almost certainly finish third.




More likely Judge heard Whitehead saying he was thinking of going as a CFL ref for Halloween and CJ just sorta reacted…


Give it a rest man. There is a big difference in all of that. Your team is known for that, and have two 'knob' rules put in specifically for them. Lose respect for the Stamp fan? Dont think you had any in the first place. I agree Judge should face discipline but he is not a repeat offender like Marino and dosent flaunt his muscles on TV in front of kids like a little baby. If Lucky Whitehead spurred it on, then I am sure he got what he deserved. I mean you want to disrepect other fans based on your allegiance to the Riders and your players are being called out week after week, so that leads me to believe that you would do the same thing Judge did. I mean your fan base made up a thing about Henry Burris wearing a bra. Like, wtf?

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At least we have a fan base...


Hey I'm with you. If Whitehead was running his yap as he often does, he probably got what was coming. No sympathy for him...

Whitehead should be barred from playing. Can't have teams meeting at the busses after the game..