Cam Hall

anybody know exactly what Hall said to get fined?

...' heh refs. ...are you actually watching the you read the rule book ?????or do you just ad lib out here most times.. :lol: :lol: :lol: I believe he was laughing all of the time he was commenting... :lol:

LOL....awesome! Thanks!

Wonder what the fine was... :lol:

The standard fines are $500 and $1,000, aren't they?

......YUP, and no more than a grand, Chief..

I’m worried about Hall, he has been the forgotten man the past few weeks, somebody better send him a wake up call, fast.

Not just Hall, Moreno too. Marshall was dropping them really deep against Ray to take away the middle of the field. With the exception of that second quarter in Edmonton, it was working (only 28 points in the other 7 quarters). Too bad the special teams blew again, that's the 4th game they have contributed to a loss this year and really inexcusable, Berry should strip McDirmid of his duties like he did Cartwright.