Cam Hall signs...

Another great little signing by Jimmy. We are stacked at LB now, who do u think will get the boot?

With the hits Saskatchewan took at LB position mayber there is a trade in the works to send Reggie home? Looks like a trade is in the works with some team...

Ni: Hall, Emery and Spencer, Hucklack and they list Proux as a LB
Imports Hunt,Ferry,Taylor,Hall,Guzman,Hill

That's a total of 11 Linebackers ! and maybe 12 if you think that Samuels might play at LB.

Something is going down...

Something's gotta give somewhere. We've got like a zillion linebackers, but not a true middle linebacker among them. I like Cam Hall, don't know why Winnipeg let him walk (mind you, I don't understand a lot of what this Kelly guy does or says), but on the other hand with Hill, Ferri, and Hunt, don't really know why we went out and got him.

....what's going on....are you guys trying to accomodate all of our cast-offs....Haywood, Samuels, and now thing you know we'll hear that you signed Glenn :lol: ...Hall was playing pretty solid at the beginning of 08....fell off dramatically during the season....I'm confused as well MadJack...(although that's not new)...Why?????would you want a borderline player like Hall when you have good depth at the postion already....Popp seems to be in one of those, ' sign anything that moves' ,moods... :lol:
note: Argos have 'released' O' Shea....he hasn't retired.....maybe Popp will show some interest :lol:

Papa, Popp is one of the very best this league HAS SEEN at building football teams. He's got a plan and I think Samuels,Haywood and Hall are all quality ball players. Als have riches at most position and I would not be surprised to see a package deal being ready. Or maybe Trestman wants a very competitive camp? But I am not going to question Popp.

....Popp better have a plan :lol:..he's got a few people scratching their heads... :wink: :roll:

True, but I'll tell you this.

I'd rather be scratching my head every time Popp makes a signing, than plugging my ears and cringing everytime Mike Kelly sees a microphone. know what MadJack...I like a guy who comes out and 'tells it like it is'...other than a guy who ferrets around in the background like Taman did....Refreshing i say...He'll even admit he 'shoots from the lip'...sometimes being a little bit to forthright (after all this is still a business) :lol: ..The only thing i'm interested in his success on the field...... :wink:

When a guy four feet tall shoots from the lip right in to his foot multiple times, he's either a comedian or a __________

a) Fool
b) Idiot
c) Moron
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e) Republican
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ooooops you forgot a category

g).....a guy you don't mind sitting across the table from and receiving straight answers...a very admirable quality :wink:

A few comments/corrections.

We actually have 8 LB. 7 imports a 1 non-import.
Spencer is a free agent;he could return, but not on the present roster-not signed,yet

Hucklack is a Long-snapper; he never played a down as LB in 2008.

Proulx is a DB; yes, he is listed ad LB on Als site, but that experience at 2008 training camp is gone.

Cam Hall is an import,although on CFL transactions they say non-import. Error

With the addition of Hall, Dwayne Taylor is in danger. The Als will keep 4 import lB. Hunt,Hill, Ferri and Hall; Hunt will have good competition from Guzman and KaMichael Hall at MLB.

Mike O'Shea would be a good addition,although he is 38. He could be a backup MLB and a special team player. We are "weak" at non-import LB; only Emry who is good/will become a star. We need at least 2 more. Boulay could return to LB,as a backup.


The Als have success in the Canadian Draft with late round picks. Stala, Botterhill are examples of this. Their latest pick last year was Paul Woldu who replaced Davis Sanchez and, showed some priomise at corner.

Well not counting Spencer and Claybrooks who could return the Als have 76 players on the books and 8 draft picks this Spring for a total of 84 players ! That's a lot of people...

Hall could turn out to be very good for you guys... first 4 games of 08 this guy was a machine, wherever the ball was, you would find cam hall... but when barrin got injured he had to take over the leadership role... and his play suffered ever since barrrin went down...

some say it was because he had to much on his plate.... which i was hoping was the case... the guys only 26 or 27 though... still very young and has huge upside...

I was very surprised by how deep the changes Kelly is making. When you look at the Bombers last year, the problem was coaching and trust. When Berry went to war Inititaly with Westwood it started a chain reaction similar to what happened in Montreal in 2007 just worse. I really think players should have been allowed to redeem themselves before going on the type of rebuilding Kelly is doing. He was hired to replace Berry and I believe it is a huge mistake to hand him the GM responsabilites at this point. The man hasn't even been a HC in the pros yet, that's a challenge enough. I can't respect people like Bauer and Kelly...

As you point out Cam Hall had a very good 2007 as a rookie in this league, he got off to a strong start in 2008 and like the rest of the team tanked after the poor start. The man is tough and he's bounced back from a prison sentence, following a tragic accident. I'm certain he can reestablish himself with the Als. It will be nice for him to be just a cog instead of being expected to do more then any defensive player should be asked to.

While the Als have signed/announced today the signing of another import LB-John Mohring-, Dwayne Taylor has been released.

Also released were Jesse Hendricks and Chris Smith,defensive backs.

Since Novenber 23,2008, we have released 16 players,mainly veterans, and 28 players (CFL veterans and rookies) have been added.

As of today, we have 75 players on off-season roster, 51 imports and 24 non-imports. The 75 includes Marcus Brady who will coach the WR/SB; he will be excluded once the announcement is official.


Glad Chris Smith is gone, he was brutal. Hendrix's cut surprises me. I liked him quite a bit, although he was a bit injury-prone and maybe that factored into the decision to release him. Ditto D'Wayne Taylor.

Well we're overstocked at LB, so Taylor being let go is no big surprise, and no big loss.

Smith? An American playing a position usually played by Canadians, and we've got Boulay and Proulx. No surprise.

Hendrix is a surprise, I thought he played quite well when inserted into the lineup, and could play either HB or corner respectably well. Probably Stanford Samuels' signing ended Hendrix with the Als. Of the three, he's one I would not be surprised to see sign elsewhere.

Another LB has been signed today; he is Jon Abbate, ILB, 5.09 and 245; 23 years old. Graduated in 2007-Junior- Rated as 8th best ILB in 2007. Compared to Zach Thomas.As summary:Quicker than fast and plays and reacts like a 4.4. May not be drafted until late because of his physical short cummings, but he is a good football player,an emotional leader who could help a team win. What we need. I would not be surprised if Reggie Hunt is released before training camp. So far,in this off-season, 5 new import linebackers, including Cam Hall, have been signed. A sign that they were not totally satisfied with last year players.

The Als also signed an Import DB.Billy Parker.


Richard, my friend, you are a veritable fount of knowledge...........keep posting, we need more good Als' fans like on this site!!