Cam Hall.....released/ deleted from Als. roster

According to the Als. site on this forum......Seems our ol castoffs continue to bite the dust....I thought Hall had a lot of potential and showed us something last year....don't know what happened to the guy......just fell off the page....Guess the Als. are finding out, that we do get rid of guys who under-perform and are doggin it .....I was really hoping Hall was going to catch on there... :wink: Maybe they'll reconsider...but i think he's gonzo..... :roll:

They had like 14 linebackers in camp. They weren't all going to make it. However I suspect this is an "administrative measure" because he is injured.

...seems a tad heavy on the LB recruitment.....Hall is probably defunct....according to Richard V. on your site..


Richard is a good poster but he bats around .500 So don't take it as gospel. Ball was released 3 times last year, Jennings twice...

....question ?????has Stanford Samuels taken his physical yet and been re-instated from his suspension... :roll:

Als web site says he has been released that dosen't mean he won't be back.... Still 10 LB with the team

41 Emry, Shea LB Non-Import 6.00 228 1986-04-23 UBC
40 Ferri, Diamond LB Import 5.10 204 1981-08-06 Syracuse

52 Guzman, Ramon LB Import 6.02 232 1982-09-29 Buffalo
12 Hill, T.J. LB Import 5.09 195 1980-07-02 Northeastern
1 Hunt, Reggie LB Import 5.11 220 1977-10-14 Texas Christian

17 Parker, Billy LB Import 6.00 195 1981-05-17 William & Mary
46 Spencer, Walter LB Non-Import 5.10 217 1978-11-11 Indianapolis
42 Staggs, Jay LB Import 6.00 215 1983-09-26 UNLV
44 van Sichem, Stan LB Non-Import 6.02 229 1987-04-02 Regina

I'd much rather stick with our guys.

5 Barrin Simpson Import, 6' 235
0 Ike Charlton, Import, 6' 205
58 Joe Lobendahn Import, 5'11 233
29 S. Shabazz, Import, 6' 200
47 P. Labbe, Non-Import 6'2 222
42 N. McKinlay, Non-Import 6' 220

As for Hall he had some great moments, but was also a bone head on many plays. After he put the fans down for booing a pathetic effort from the team I could care less what happens to him.

We had to sign another one today, our LB's are dropping like flies.

The Winnipeg Football Club made the following transactions today.

The football club signed non-import offensive lineman Lorne Plante and import linebacker Johnny Baldwin.

Plante (6-7, 305, Manitoba ‘06, DOB: May 13, 1983 in Winnipeg, MB) was signed as an undrafted free agent by B.C. in 2006, and spent the last three seasons with the Lions.

Baldwin (6-1, 230, Alabama A&M ‘07, DOB: April 1, 1984 in Bessemer, AL) was selected by the Detroit Lions in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

“Johnny is an active and athletic linebacker that will increase competition at the weak-side and middle linebacker positions for the remainder of camp,? said head coach Mike Kelly.

The Blue Bombers released import defensive end Keith Saunders, non-import offensive lineman Kyle Sleightholm, import kicker Bradley Pierson, import receiver Tyrone Timmons, and non-import lineman Don Amouzouvi. Import receiver Chris Jackson has left the football club to attend to a family illness at his home.

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Hmmm. I heard Simpson has been having a difficult time stopping the run. Lobendahn has a nasty limp and Charlton's hasn't got the speed to cover. Let's hope your right.

Hall asked for his release. Took a high ankle sprain and would not have been able to practice for the whole month of camp. Als will consider inviting him back when he's healthy.

Lots of fans have been jumping on charlton because of his over confidance IMO. he hasnt lived up to his own hype, but he is still a darn good SAM linebacker.

That hefney guy we brought in really stood out to me in the scrimmage... could give charlton some good competition and be a very good back up

Barrin will be as good as ever. just cuz he got bowled over on one play does not mean he cant stop the run... Healthy i still think hes the best MLB in the league

Joe Loe will be good to, and sideeq has an ankle injury

......I doubt whether you'll be seeing Hall back on the Als. ROSTER EVER......after reading the comment by Tim Burke in which he says....quote' we have better guys' c'mon hfxtc....admit it....we cut guys for a reason... he quit on this team in the eastern semi-final last year and other players were reaming him out for it..... yup,great team the fact his play fell off dramatically from mid-point in 08 and Kelly knew quit handing out the bunk....Hall says he is waiting for a call from another team....Good Luck to him....won't be the Bombers... :wink:Good move by Kelly :thup:

...Lobendahn was back practicing today and going full tilt...I don't know where anyone heard that Barrin Simpson was having a tough camp....he looks like the ol Barrin to me....nasty and in very good shape :wink: Tough news for the opposition.... :lol:

lol...Simpson got run over by Bernard AGAIN yesterday afternoon. I dunno if he's the guy we want playing the middle. J LO is looking like the better option so far.

PS...If I was Fred Reid, I'd hope my injury heals quickly, 'cause Yvenson Bernard looks to be just as good as Freddy...

Lobendahn impressed the heck out of me last season. If for any reason Simpson doesn't get it done in the middle, you'd be in good hands with Lobendahn playing there.

I doubt JoLo's knees can handle an 18 game season.

...There's quite a few miles on a few of your defenders.....I'm kinda wondering how some of them will last the year....Time marches on....???? :roll: :wink:

My guess would be that the Bombers' medical staff checked out Simpson and Lobendahn pretty carefully to make sure they're a go for the season.............prior to the Bombers' trading Moreno away. If they come up lame, they might regret making that trade.

Not knocking Joe, big heart , great motor but MLB is a tough position to play with patched knees (2)...

Davis Sanchez is the one that might be getting up there and well Proux it is a yearly thing, everyone is use to it.