Cam Echols-Luper

I wonder why he was brought back just to be let go?

He was on the practice squad for about 30 days last year before he was let go. Later resigned in December/ January

He seemed like a decent player in college.

So was Johnny Manziel.

Oh snap. ;D

Too many other better receivers and with Banks, Tasker and Addison likely starting Condell would a few talker guys like Acklin or Leslie or whomever else they bring in. I know there are a couple more 6 foot 4 receivers that were brought in this week as well.
Yeah I agree Lauper looked good on film like a Tasker type or like Bornham in BC.

Who knows he might be back if players don’t step up and grab the opportunity.

With all these good receivers coming into camp…I can’t say for sure that Addison will start as he only has about 5 games played. Left Tackle Palmer is not guaranteed to start with about 5 good players chalenging him now with national Van Zyl at right tackle all the import tackles will be competing for left tackle,now