Cam Cole's article about attendance

The league has certainly held its own this year in both attendance and TV ratings despite what has to be one of the busiest summers in the sports world that I can remember: ... ried-about

Made the mistake of reading the 'Comments' from readers at the end of the story. Some folks sure know how to darken a sunny day.

Comments in those columns always end up the same way... There's still new infrastructure happening over the next two years; lets see what happens...

I found it, like most of coles articles, negative about CFL.

No mention of all the sellouts in ottawa and hamilton. Saskatchewan, hamilton, calgary soldout last week. Winnipeg soldout this week.

He even mentions ticats attendance being up but doesnt mention how its a sellout every game and the difference came from diminished seating capacity when the stadium first opened unfinished.

Ottawa had only one game since all of last season and this season that wasnt a sellout. But apparently this doesnt matter in cam coles garbage articles.

I love how they close the commenting so fast because he and i have been feuding for years on twitter about his crap
Articles based on nothing. Cam cole sat there and did attendance numbers and wrote a story about it without having any real knowledge of what is going on.

He even goes on to quote that Toronto FC is winning by 7,000 fans when we already caught them trying to say a half empty TFC game was a sellout even though only 14,000 people were there by travelpats estimate. That same day at the exact same time the Argos had 20,000 fans to TFCs 14,000 they tried to claim was a sellout

He basically did little to no research because he needed to write an article for a paycheque. I completely outed this same article on i think the province or vancouver sun. Seriously cam cole is the biggest moron writer ever. Constantly can pick holes in any one of his bogus stories

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Cole is an odd duck. I believe deep down in the depths of his soul he's a CFL guy (I saw him at the Spirit Of Edmonton party at the 2014 Grey Cup in Vancouver). But you sure wouldn't know it.

I don't expect rah-rah columns from the media. It's not their job to act as a cheerleading arm of the CFL, but I've noticed - at least in the recent past - that his CFL stuff has a particularly biting edge to them. He wrote a lazy piece earlier in the week, with absolutely no stats to back it up about the Whitecaps, at least for the time being, being bigger than the Lions (the first place Whitecaps then played Wednesday and drew 17,500 for their match, lol). :roll:

Yeah i saw that one too lol

Last time Lions drew under 20,000 was like 2001 or 2000 somewhere around there. Theres even another one by global news right now another writer he does the same thing pretty much propping up the lions.

I also notice global news is like obsessed with whitecaps too. Constantly whitecaps one time and didnt even show stanlry cup final highlights at all no joke lol. And only like 90,000 watched the game.

They had another game against seattle and it was 19,000 only. And they dont even realize how they actually make the whitecaps look bad because they are a top team in MLS And i pointed out BC was 3-4 getting 20,996 for montreal. Me and my buddy went tho it was fun anyways the roof was open only four rows up endzone was nice. But like basically not a top CFL team outdrawing a top MLS team in the same stadium and then on tv its like exponentially different so not even close it might as well be pluto if the lions was earth compared to the sun

TFC looked dead today.