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I'm never quite sure if I like Cam Cole or not. Always seems kind of negative. Today in the National Post there's an article by him about the rash of QBs getting hurt in the CFL this year. The story goes on to quote Wally about the quality of Canadian O-linemen vs. that of the American D-linemen and what a mismatch it's become at those positions.

Really? To me, this has the feel of an old story. Seems like ever since I've been a fan (more than 50 years) someone has always made unfavourable comparisons. American receivers are too fast for Canadian D-backs; the American running backs are unstoppable; the linebackers from the US are going to kill the lesser Canadian receivers and on and on.

To me, the relative strength or weaknesses of certain aspects of the game is a cyclical thing, and the wheel always turns.

What really bothers me is Wally is chiming in here in support of Cam Cole's theory. Does he actually believe what he's saying or maybe it's a bit of sour grapes from Buono because his own O-line has been especially wanting of late.

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What a bunch of garbage. Winnipeg dresses multiple Americans along the O-line and that hasn't stopped their QBs from being used as human pinatas. I entirely agree that Wally's comment stems entirely from his inability to recruit good offensive linemen.

Wally has forgotten more about football than ANY OF US KNOWS, on this site. Instead of shouting him down, maybe there is an issue that needs to be looked at ? The talent pool in the States dwarfs what we produce. Maybe Canadian highschools and CIS need to look at how they develop certain positions? Cam Cole is not anti CFL and Wally has embodied everything the CFL stands for and has nothing to gain making those observations.

I don't believe Cam or Wally are bashing anyone. If this Is a issue then the league should look at it. I for one would have no problem reducing the ratio by a couple to see if it makes a difference. If it does so be it, if it doesn't then go back to the number the league started with. Every year the league tries some new rule to see if it betters the quality of play in the league and some work and some don't. You never know till you try.

I think you'd have to go back and analyze how each QB was injured and whether it was the result of a missed block or rolling out and running for extra yards instead of sliding. I know with Reilly no one was near him and he seemed to twist his knee on the turf. Lulay almost always tries for that extra yard instead of sliding, but on his injury I thought he was more or less down and then got hit. The others I can't remember and am too lazy to look up. I think that they added some new rules to protect the QB this year or last. I also think roll out QB's in the NFL face the same problem, R Griffin III comes to mind.

The game has passed Wally by.
Lulay, Durant & Ray are bit wobbly these days.
Willy had/has no competent OL or OC.
Glenn was injured making a tackle.
Reilly is durable, this is just a blip.
Montreal is in transition from the AC era.
Zack, Hank, Bo & Harris are smart, elusive & lighting it up.

To paraphrase Churchill;
‘The only problem I have with Canuck Olineman is there is not enough.’

[i]Well, when Johnny looks at the QB stats:

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2 QBs with 70% completion percentages, a bunch in the mid to high sixties, it seems that offensive lines are giving QBs time to complete passes. They can't be that bad!

Are total sacks in the league higher than usual? Probably not. A lot of factors can influence why a QB gets hurt. Maybe the rule changes are responsible. Defensive backs have to give receivers much more latitude (contact wise) than before. Maybe QBs are holding onto the ball longer, for their receiver to get open for a long gain.

A QB holds onto the ball too long, he's gonna get some hard hits.


Ole dirt bag Wally got spoiled with Flutie and Garcia, and has not been able to protect a QB since. Dickenson ,Pierce and Lulay could not go 6 games without getting hurt.. Printers made a career out of broken plays where he had to run for his life. Jackson was the same but with less success. Glen was a failure,but ked the league in passing yards this season until his O-line let him down

Wally has never been able to keep his QBs healthy, so he blames the ratio. We've been dressing an all-Canadian O-line in Montreal for years and haven't had an issue with pass protection. And Johnny's right: scoring is up, completion percentage is up. This is just a garbage non-issue, and insulting to Canadian players.

Like some have said, Wally's best before date has expired as the game has passed him by.

I’d tend to agree with Kasps here. In theory, the number of great big, well drilled D line guys flowing out of the US is pretty impressive, so there could be some truth to what he’s thinking. I’d expect this sort of thing out of the many American coaches and execs in the CFL as they’ve always looked down their noses at the Canadian boys but WB IS Canadian (born in Italy technically, but a Canuck through and through) so if he’s saying it, then maybe not wise to simply dismiss it.

As mentioned previously, there’s lots of reasons QB’s get sacked that don’t have much to do with their O line, but maybe a grain of truth to this.

I agree that before we jump to conclusions that the league analyse each injury,
Durant tore his Achilles and he wasn’t even touched let alone tackled,
Glenn injured making a tackle,
both injuries have nothing at all to do with protection from the O-line

As the OP to this subject thread, I didn’t mean for it to be a running shot at Wally, who certainly has my respect for all he’s accomplished, and what he’s meant to Canadian football. I guess my main point is that every now and then I get kinda ticked when the finger pointing starts at Canadian talent. It’s been going on for as long as I can remember. Some years it’s Canadian RBs, receivers and QBs, and other years it’s about the lack of good Canadian rush ends or what have you. But it’s always something. Cam Cole turned the spotlight on Canadian O-lineman, so I guess it’s their turn this year. As some of the other posters have already noted, there are various reasons for the rash of QB injuries this season, but pinning the blame on Canadian O-linemen as a breed … well, that’s kind of over the top. Just my two cents. No offense meant to Wally.

Totally understand. I think at times we forget what a football factory the U.S. is. The biggest issue, when a Canadian goes down with injury, the backup is not close to being good enough. We just don’t have the depth.

I like Matt Dunnagan’s rebuttal as well. Nothing wrong with a good debate.

I agree with Kenny that this is more likely a cyclical thing, and nationality has nothing to do with it.

I don't know about other teams, but Hamilton employs a Canadian interior on both lines, and are one of the best at sacking and protecting the QB.

(And I may be mistaken, but wasn't the Reilly injury the result of a hit from a Canadian?)

It's not about what country they're from, it's that D-linemen are ahead of O-linemen this season. Next year or the year after, protection schemes will change, and you won't be able to buy a sack.