Calvillo's thumb injury?

I heard today via twitter that Calvillo left practice with a right thumb injury. Anyone else hear that? he had an issue with that thumb earlier as well.

Here`s the story from Herb:

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If he's not having a good game, this will be a good reason to replace him.


Surtout pas! On a besoin de lui pour assurer la succession de Miller... :twisted:

Replace him...
With what?
A pack of smokes and a six-pack?

Um...Mr. Popp sir
Could you please find a legitimate backup quarterback?
Say...if our starter gets injured
Or something...


:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I am beginning to wonder who’s in charge with this year’s edition. They find a great Canadian prospect in Millington who demonstrates some skill in receiving in the game with Toronto. Now Toronto have rights to him and, are giving him some type of salary. Strange, a decent NI receiver hasn’t been around since Cahoon, and, we employ Deslauriers and, dump the promising NI receiver. Who does Hawkins work for ? Popp was responsible for hiring both Hawkins and Miller- was this another one of Popp’s miracles? Somehow Popp appears distracted this season. Has he brought any decent NCAA types to the team this year? If so, I bet they played for North or South Carolina.Popp seems to get most of his players from the Deep South- we haven’t had even one rookie from California. It looks like Miller will again live up to the indecent reputation he acquired in the NFL.I don’t think there is much cordiality in the Als house this season. On the other hand, I hear AC and Hawkins have talked and made up. Because of injuries, we will have the two OT stalwarts Matte and Barrette manning the OT positions and, yes, Popp did sign another NI receiver. Of course, we all know of the high ratings that Pierre Youssy demonstrated in his university days. I guess he and Deslauriers will be in battle for the 1 NI R spot the team usually has. Actually that is the spot for our not quite good enough NI R that can’t play special teams. Nice to have some competition here. I usually don’t tape the games but, I will do so on Saturday. Only God knows what our disorganized group of football players will be up to. I might even post it on YouTube.