Calvillo's health

....What a class guy and a true leader....Anthony found out after the hit by Hunt this year ..following an examination, that he has a lesion on his thyroid.... He released the info. after the Cup...I hope he can beat this one...Not a good scenario...He'll have an operation next week in California,,,Good luck to Anthony and i wish him a full recovery :thup:

I agree Calvillo is a class act and an unselfish player, a perfect example of a true leader on and off the field. I send my prayers and best wishes to Anthony and his family.

After listening to the pre and post game comments by Tresman I have a new respect for him as a head coach, great guy and another great example of professionalism and a true leader.

crazy.. what a guy. good luck to him and hopefully he can get through this and make a full recovery.

The rest of the East sux :thdn:

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....kinda of screwed up the info. guys.....Calvillo is going to take a break and go to California with his family....He's going to have the operation in Mont......Heres' hoping Anthony has a speedy recovery :thup:

.....Tests have come back positive for thyroid cancer...Not good news...I don't know what the treatment is but having that dreaded disease in a vital gland can't be good....I hope all the best and this comes out alright for Anthony and his family.....

The article at said he's already been operated on again to have the thyroid removed. Sounds like he'll be back on the field for 2012.

AC needs to send a thank you card to Odell Willis. If Willis hadn't sacked AC and AC hadn't landed on the ball and injured himself then they might not have found it as quickly.