Calvillo's Eye Injury

From TSN.

Quarterback Anthony Calvillo, who left the Montreal Alouettes 27-24 loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday with an eye injury, said that vision in the eye was still blurry after the game.

Calvillo said that he couldn't see out of his right eye after getting up from a Darius Romero hit that chased him from the game in the second quarter.

The all-star QB wasn't sure what caused the injury, and didn't think that he got poked in the eye.

The Alouettes said that they will see how his injury progresses throughout the week before making a decision on his status for Friday's game in Hamilton.

Calvillo said that despite the short week, the plan is for him to play against the Tiger-Cats, but he did add that his main concern is that his eye is completely healthy before suiting up again.

He’ll play.

I'm pretty sure he's going to play. I think if it was serious, he wouldn't have stayed and watched the rest of the game.

I’m very curious to hear about Calvillo’s situation. I don’t think the fact he remained on the sideline can be taken as a definitive sign that it’s not serious. There are lots of fairly benign circumstances that can cause blurred vision, but there are lots of very serious problems that can cause it as well. It’s not unheard of for someone to suffer a detached retina from a blow to the head, though I have no idea how that is diagnosed and whether the medical staff at the stadium would be able to diagnose it or safely rule it out.

Here’s hoping Calvillo is able to play Friday. If he can’t play, there is no score that would convince outsiders to give the Cats’ their due for beating Montreal. I would prefer for Als fans not to have Calvillo’s absence as an excuse. In fact, at this point, even he does play, a Ticats victory would be marked with an asterisk in the eyes of many: “Oh, Calvillo wasn’t 100%”.

Calvillo seems like a decent guy, and I hope he enjoys good health, but I’d dearly like to see the Cats trounce him and his team in some important games before he retires.

I seem to remember that last year Calvillo was injured and didn't play against us and we still lost. The team is more than Calvillo, they came back and almost pulled it off against Sask.

Don't forget it's a short week, so he may only have a day or two to get better.

I know the Als are perfect,Trestman is perfect , everything there is perfect but what was the deal with that bonehead third down gamble ?
Imagine the comments if MB did that ?

A hit that causes very bad blurred vision is NOT good. Sounds like it could be a concussion or even worse than that. The fact that he was watching from the sidelines doesn't really say much.

A shout out to superstar Dwight Anderson. Great game , dude, way to earn that paycheque :thdn:

Excatly ! Temporary blindness is a very serious thing and could have nothing to do with the eyeball itself. The hit he took could have jarred something loose elsewhere inside his head or neck area...having said that, the fact he was speaking coherently to interviewers after the game is a good sign at least.

I trust they will do a detailed MRI and CT Scan as well as the eye examination.

Can we take them? Yes.
Will we take them? I doubt it. If Calvillo plays we don't have a good chance. If Calvillo is out we have a better chance.

I just don't think at this stage of the season the Cats D and O are up to peak efficiency and up to the challenge of playing a team of Montreal's calibre. Would I like to see them win, absolutely. It will require an effort above what the team has provided so far this season. I'll be there in the stands watching, so I certainly hope they do win.

I want him to start next week simply so that when we beat them no one can say that it was only because McPherson played.

The Als probably saw that when they couldn't protect him to Trestman's standards with Bourke out. They probably decided to turn the ball over to Adrian who is bigger, younger and more mobile. Although the circumstances influenced the decision this is the first time we see Adrian "come off the bench". I think it was a smart move. It's not like Montreal is fighting for a playoff spot.

Dave Naylor says that Calvillo is expected to practice and play this week.

I highly doubt it is a Concuss...
The article said he couldn't see from his 'right' eye. If it were a concussion, his blurry vision would be on both eyes; not just one.
Not being a Dr. of course means this is just a guess, but I have never heard anyone getting a concussion, and then not seeing ONLY from 1 eye.
But then, you never know.....

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

It does happen. Sometimes it can depend on the location of the hit.

TSN is reporting AC's condition has cleared up and he is scheduled to practice and play against the Cats

It was an abrasion to the eye.

An abrasion to the eye can be something that takes a few weeks to heal. Of course this is dependent on the eztent of the
abrasion. In my own case I had a scratch on my cornea. Very tiny. But I was patched up and antibiotics to the eye for about two weeks. Thanks to Dr James Martin of Hamilton I have had no further problems. AC looks to be ok in interviews ect
I would expect him to play this week.