Calvillo's Back!

Great game by Anthony Calvillo
Must have felt wonderful to get back against those Bombers

Congratulations Anthony!!!

Almost 500 yards, 5 passing TDs, 0 interceptions. Only blemish was that fumble-6 inside our 20. He could have had more if his receivers hadn't dropped some key balls (Richardson, Cobourne).

Between AC and AD, I think we might have the best QB tandem in the league. :cowboy:

Yep we gotta give love to Cahoon though. He catches his 1000th pass and gets smoked, what balls this guy has! :rockin:

Loved what Cahoon said about being choked up to think about all those guys blocking...sacrificing their bodies 1000 times...a thousand great passes. A great team guy!!!

Oh and before I forget....AMAZING game by the offensive line!!!

:thup: :thup: :thup:
:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

AC was at his best during this game. Bratton made up for the loss of Watkins.

Lost in the great win is S.J. Green's 100-yard, 2-TD performance. He is now tied with Terrence Edwards for the league lead in receiving TDs at 9. This young man has really come into his own this year and it's a pleasure to watch him work. Big, strong, athletic, great hands, will fight for the ball in traffic, and keeps his legs moving after making the catch. He's going to make a great full-time slotback once Ben retires.

Hawkins also had a good game...but looked a little sick returning punts.
I'm glad to see Leroy Vann get his feet wet. would have been nice to give him his first start in a somewhat calmer game.
It was like a demolition derby out there.
Must have been a bit overwhelming
Welcome to the CFL kid

I wonder if Calvillo and the boys were aware that the game was on the NFL network?
They sure put on a show...both teams.


Shootout in the 'Peg! Great victory last night.

We had a few brain farts on downfield coverage and that missed D secondary assignment on the Carr TD. Welcome to the CFL, young Mr. Carr! Looks like the BB have a winner if he plays up to that potential. I wonder how Adarius Bowman is feeling this morning!

AC was awesome and looking like his old self. I think he was close to or over 500 yds passing and 5 TDs. Except for a couple of drops by Bratton (which should have been a TD snare!), and the post-pattern to Jamel, the deep threat is back. The rest of the CFL has now been placed on notice! The D kept plenty of pressure on Jyles all night, came up with several sacks, picks, knockdowns…etc.

All credit to Jyles and BB, however; they played tough all night and are oh-so-close to be being a bona fide contender. Their season is not yet over and a couple of Ws here are there may well put them into post-season play.

The Als last night appeared to be in post-season form and this bodes well going forward. I now feel much more confident going into the home-and-home series against the Stamps. So, Stamps, Riders, or whoever - bring it on!!! Should be a great series!

I don’t know if I’m going to figure out the zebra calls on PI and contacting the receiver this year. There were undoubtedly a few close calls that helped us in this win - a PI and the Jamel “fumble/no fumble” call. Considering all of the close calls against us all season, I guess the law of averages were In our favour last night. In the off-season, some clarification of the rules must be made. Is contact on the receiver permissable or not?

P.S. Anyone have an update on the injury to Watkins?

No update on Watkins. Hopefully he won't miss more than a game or two. The upside to his injury is that another receiver will get more playing time. Bratton looked very good running the deep patterns in Kerry's place last night, so my guess is he'd probably move into that role, with Hawkins getting more touches as the 'LOS receiver' who can bust out the occasional run on sweeps.

I hope Jamel is okay. He was badly shaken up after taking the hit that caused the 'incompletion' in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter. Heading into a home-and-home with Calgary, we certainly don't want to be missing two of our top receivers.

Personnally, I expect Kerry Watkins to miss no less than 2 and as much as 4 games; while he is our number 1 receiver, I don't worry too much about his absence. Bratton will replace him more than adequately; Tim Maypray will/should be "dressed" during Watkins 'absence.

The more "crucial" decision for the next game will be to "dress" or not LeRoy Vann; based on last night,I don't think that he will do better than Maypray; I know it is only 1 game,but I was not impressed the few times he touched the ball. He is no Chad Owens.


I hope TW is back before season's end. He has been our best for several years. Bratton's play demonstrated that he is a good fill in for Terry.

Hey! hey! hey! How 'bout dem Lions? The Stamps looked awful, Burris in particular. With the W, the Lions keep alive their playoff hopes. With an Esks W today, they can keep their slim hopes alive as well, and all 8 teams can still think about post-season play.

So, it shows that any team can beat any other team any other day in the CFL. Any "myth" of the Stamps' invincibility is shattered. From a psychological standpoint, this should help bolster the Als who have a home-and-home series against them starting next week. The preparation will have to take their threats into consideration - Joffrey Reynolds, Nik Lewis (if he recovers from his injury)...etc., but they most definitely can be beat!

Go Als go!!!


How can anyone make that kind of inference based on one game....especially a game like that?
I mean....Andrew Hawkins is a what? 2 year veteran...well he hasn't seen that much playing time but he's been with the team a while...and he was running around like a chicken with his head cut off...bobbled the ball out of bounds (if you'll remember) had at least 2 returns for loses...

The Bombers coverage teams were on top of the Alouettes returners all game. The lack of coaching is starting to show, Big both "directions".

Let's give Leroy Vann some time to adjust to the pace of the game...and give all of our returners a bit of help...shall we....before we start passing judgment after 1 game. that standard Chris Leak would be on his way back to Gator Town....and Anthony Calvillo would be washed up after his game against Edmonton.

Sega Sega

Hey! hey! hey! How 'bout dem Esks?

As a result of this weekend's play, the Als have solidifed their spot atop the East Division and are coming off a gutsy W in the 'Peg while the Stamps stunk out the joint in BC. Result? The Als should be more confident (not cocky!) about heading into Calgary next week. With a 6-point cushion between them and the 2nd- or 3rd-place team (TBD), it won't be tragic if they split the series with the Stamps, but I hope that the Als are thinking W-W for the next two games!

Go Als go!!!

Ce n'est pas dans la mentalité des Alouettes. D'après moi, ils pensent W pour le prochain match seulement.

For Lestaf, every team must focus on the most important game - the next one! However, the point of my post was that in light of the outcome of the weekend’s games and their effect on the standings, it wouldn’t be a tragedy if the Als were to split the series with the Stamps. With a 6-point advantage in the W column, there is now a bit of room between the Als and the Argos/Ticats.

The Stamps will undoubtedly prove to be a tough (but beatable!) opponent. So, I’m hoping that the Als prepare to come out like gangbusters whose approach is that W-W is the only acceptable result.

As I recall, the Western playoffs used to be a 2-game total point affair years ago. While preparing for the 1st game of that series, they had to be thinking about possible scenarios for the next one as well. I see the next two games against the Stamps along those lines.

Go Als go!

Je suis d'accord avec cette compréhension de ces enjeux. Mais pour en gagner deux, il faut d'abord gagner la première. Je crois que c'est ce sur quoi les Alouettes vont se concentrer.

Well, Lestaf, you see it your way, and I'll see it mine!