this is probably the worst first half ive ever seen him play in his career.

u can say that about anyone who plays against the bombers.

calvillo, edwards, r.williams, ray.

winnipeg's D is too good.

no the reason is he's missing his recievers, a defence doesnt cause you to miss your recivers, he justs needs to get his arm back on target

hes missing recievers cuz winnipegs D has him under too much pressure... so hes rushing his throws.

no if you actually watch the game he simply missing them with no pressure

Recievers dropping all those passes doesn't help either!

Its not always the receiver's fault with the dropped balls. Do you notice how it's EVERY single montreal receiver? Calvillo is constatly throwing the ball too far in front of, behind, above, or below the receivers hands. I honestly think age may be starting to catch up with him and he's not the superstar he used to be.