I think he is going to retire for a few reasons :

  1. He is not a captain yet he still went on stage to accept the grey cup which suggests this is his last hurrah/
  2. He told reporter there is something that he will tell everyone soon
  3. rumors of his retirement

This could open the door for a improvving ticat team .

A few things I noticed in this game are that both teams know how to run the ball and have lines and rb's that know how to run . Also, both teams kept the penalties and turnovers to a minimum .

It loosk like the way to beat calvillo is to blitz him but that may not matter anymore

so obie go get a a new Offensive Co-ordinator and a few running backs and we will be set to take over the east

They still have McPherson who has beaten us a few times as well....

i;d rather face mcpherson :slight_smile:

I think both Calvillo and Cahoon will be back in 2011. Calvillo's got some records to smash.

I also think Calvillo will be back.

He just said was going to have to have surgery done on his thyroid. He knew about this lesion for some time, and played knowing he had that. He did say he'd be able to play again next year, and I hope he'll be alright.


Now that's a class act!!!

Wonder how they kept that such a secret... Kudos to all involved.

Best wishes to Anthony and his family.

Best wishes to AC and his family.
Hopefully everything works out and he can come back.

The only thing I heard of consequence was that this was causing some pressure on his vocal chords.

Could influence/have influenced the audibles.

Obviously, knowing that you have a lesion requiring the removal of 1/2 of your throid gland has been hugely stressful. How he kept his focus and maintain his usual high level of proficiency is simply amazing.

I hate the guy because he's an Argo and Cat killer. But I'll hate the day he retires even more.

An Argo-Cat fan

Absolutely horrible and very frightening news. AC has always been a class act and he put the team before his own needs. I will keep him and his family in my prayers. They have been through so much already. Get well AC.

I was thinking the same thing. How he was able to be as focused as he seemed and to do as well as he did, I don't know. And as I said in another thread after the game, I thought Calvillo, not Richardson, would be the game's MVP.

If it's not benign, it is one of the more treatable forms of cancer. But still, this is shocking.

Did I hear him say he found out about this when he was injured earlier this year? He knew about this lesion all this time?

Yup, he's known about the lesion since the sternum injury in Winnipeg. It is mind-boggling to think that he played the entire rest of the season at an elite level and won a championship with this health issue weighing on his mind.

Hell, I don't sleep nights if I know I have a dentist appointment coming up. If I knew I had throat surgery coming up and not knowing what they'll find, I think I'd be looking for the nearest bridge to jump from.

What he did was amazing. And to think the Cats had him!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

When AC came back from the sternum injury, he wasn't into a quick recovery at all, now it makes sense!!!

A poster above has it right, with the Drs saying he had time to finish the season, and the location of the lesion, he should be fine..

Still though when you get told that you have a lesion that could be bad, it gets to you.

Believe me, a successful survivor of 2 of these unrelated buggers,


Good luck to him. He has demonstrated strength of character and class for many years now.

Most thyroid cancers have a high cure rate and Calvillo said he expects to be able to play next season.

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I agree 100%. Best wishes to AC in facing this latest challenge.

Calvillo's announcement after the game most certainly overshadowed the game itself, almost making the game insignificant. It was made even more dramatic to see the reaction by the TSN panel after the Calvillo press conference. Chris Schultz was the first to comment, and I thought for sure he was going to break down emotionally. I probably would have done the same. It really would have been very difficult to maintain composure on live TV after hearing news like that. I was proud of the way that Schultz spoke about this, and my thoughts exactly reflect his. I sincerely hope that Calvillo has successful surgery and that he is able to continue his career on his own terms. He absolutely deserves no less than that. :thup: