whats the latest on AC’s injured finger?

According to Radio-Canada Sports,X-Rays for Anthony's finger were negative. Anthony will play Saturday. He was throwing the ball very well.

News not as great for Estelle who will,most definitely,miss the game.

John Bowman was doing better re: "minor" concussion. Day today,I guess.


thanks Richard…

Great news about A.C., thought for sure hed be out for 4-5 wks. But, I have to admit to having been a little bit curious to see how a mobile QB like Leak and/or MacPherson would have done for a few games in Trestmans offence.

I'm glad that AC will be playing Saturday evening although I too must admit that part me would like to see Leak play in a full game.

If and when we secure the division we can think about giving Leak and/or McPherson playing time. Until then, I don't want to see anyone but Anthony taking snaps unless it's a short-yardage conversion. :slight_smile:

According to Marc Trestman and John Bowman-on CJAD radio- there was no concussion to John.

The only injured player, from this game, that will not play should be Mark Estelle; should be/will be replaced by Stanford Samuels.

With the return of Brian Bratton, 1 player will have to come off the 46 player active roster. Eric Deslauriers or Skip Seagraves of Jeff Robertshaw?


Well, if ever there was a good time for our strong-side corner to miss a game, it's against Toronto, whose passing attack doesn't exactly strike fear into my heart. Let's hope Samuels can handle the position.

As for who comes off, it's Deslauriers if I'm in charge. But I ain't in charge. :slight_smile:

C'est encore Deslauriers qui va écoper.

Andrew Hawkins has been added to the 1 game injury list,up to August 18,2010.-CFL transactions-

Jeff Robershaw has been released/deleted from the 46 player active roster and added to the practice roster; to make room for him.on the practice roster, Marcus Smith -DT,I- has been removed from the practice roster-CFL transactions-

With these moves,there is 1 "spot/place" on the 46 player active roster. Will be filled by Brian Bratton. Should Mark Estelle be transferred to the 1 game injury list,Stanford Samuels will take his "spot/place" on the roster.


Il semblerait qu'Estelle va jouer, du moins c'est ce qui semblait se dessiner hier.

Si j'étais les Alouettes, je donnerais une semaine de plus à Bratton. C'est pas un petit knock-out qu'il a eu, et on a besoin de Bratton toute la saison. L'insérer trop tôt augmenterait le risque d'une deuxième comotion trop rapprochée.

Completement d'accord avec toi Staf. Une autre solide coup avant que ca soit completement retabli et ca pourrait etre la fin de sa saison, ou pire sa carriere.

Funny no one mentions how INSANE the Alouettes have been handling their backup quarterbacks.
Now I realize Anthony wants to play every down of every game....and at this point in his career, what Anthony wants...Anthony gets.
But if this injury lowers Calvillo's efficiency by just a few percentage points, or GOD help us, if it gets any worse...the Alouettes will be without a quarterback that has played even a full half of ball. (OK maybe Leak played a half in that "junk game" against TO last hardly counts)

AC dislocated a finger on his throwing hand!!!
Dislocations are tricky things. Re-injury a REAL threat. The tendons are stretched out of place, cartilage and bone can be damaged. Now the Alouettes claim this hasn't happened. But watching Buck Pierce limping around the field yesterday and thinking back to the Casey Printers we faced a few weeks back, it's not hard to imagine a team understating the importance of an injury...especially with a player as important to the team as Calvillo.

McPherson's been practicing with the team this week, so that's good news. As I understand it, if he's needed before his 9 weeks are up, he can be activated. Let's just hope it won't be necessary.

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