Calvillo VS McPherson

[i]A tribute in words and pictures to Anthony Calvillo, followed by Adrian McPherson.
Who would you choose to lead your team?

Anthony Calvillo

3 time CFL Most outstanding player
3 time Grey Cup winner
Professional football's all time leader in passing yards
CFL all time leader for pass completions
CFL all time leader for touchdown passes
CFL all time leader for yards passing and touchdown passes in the playoffs
CFL all time leader for yards passing and touchdown passes in Grey Cup games
CFL all time leader for 300 yard passing games
Most consecutive games with 300 yards passing
A great humanitarian

Adrian McPherson

Writes bad cheques
Unwanted by every CFL team
Was the 5th best Quarterback in Arena football in 2013
Made a dude named Senior ah me fall in love with him

TAKE THAT SENIOR, YOU HATER!!!!!!!! :cowboy:


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Just makes me think what If AC had been gifted Adrian's athletic and physical "gifts" ??? There is more to a football player in particular a QB than being "gifted".

That's what I admire about players like Calvillo and Anwar Stewart. Not the best athletes but they became great players because of their work ethic, intelligence, and perseverance.

Johnny: There are no stats comparing these two QBs. AC has played for years while McP played only a couple of games. Your comparison which lists Calvillo's amazing record against McPherson's writing of bad checks is very unsound and devoid of any real comparative stats. If this was a research paper, I'd grade it as a D minus!!

It is not a research paper but a smack to the side of the head. :smiley:

Niagara, here are A.C.`s stats:

And here are McPherson`s:

Now you tell us what you think.

The irony is that Calvillo even has a better rushing average than McPherson - 5.4 as opposed to 4.7.

Sheldon, that's crazy talk. Adrian was the short yardage QB for the Als for four years...

Obviously not fair to compare totals, but I was looking more at percentages and QB rating.

And how logical is it to extend the 1 strong game McPherson played that Niagara remembers onto a 20 year Calvillo career?

Popp, Buono, Milanovich, Burke, Hervey,etc. have all passed on him. That`s good enough for me.

I don't think we need to diminish one or the other. I see Adrian very much like Jason Medlock. He can play he's just not interested for what is being offered.

All I know is I like what AC is holding as oppose to what McP is holding :wink:

Or he is part of the 96% that you yourself have said don`t make it as CFL QBs.

Sheldon, I rate AC as having had an extraordinary career being in my mind, perhaps as highly thought of Sam Etcheverry who, was my idol when I was in high school. Calvillo has brought the team to three GC wins and, has put up stats that may never be replicated. He owns the crown at this point. The great Etcheverry never won a GC game as a player but did coach the team to the 1970 victory . I would never think of McPherson as having the status of these two great QBs. Yes AD did have promise but, was not permitted to develop, being a third down QB only. Too bad!

This place seems to have become a forum
For insane arguments which have the singular purpose
Of dumping on other people

I have NEVER denied AC has had some good years
although I have tried to point out how some fans are justified in regretting the 5 GC losses…as much if not more than the 3 GC wins
And THAT is where I’m coming from with respect to AC

Niagra is completely correct to point out that McPherson was NEVER given the chance to make it in the CFL
I believe this happened because Calvillo was terrified of being shown up by a VASTLY more talented player
Just like the HISSY FIT he pulled the second he found out Troy Smith had been signed
Taking off down south (I’d give a fortune to get the phone records between Popp and AC immediately following Smith’s signing)
And the consequential injury that JUST HAPPENED to occur the 1st game following that event.

There comes a time
But following over a decade of indirect evidence and surmise
When one HAS to come to conclusions
ACCEPTING they can never be proven…but for the sake of truth…and sanity
(for what is sanity BUT seeing reality as it REALLY is)
Under the pall of secrecy
That surrounds EVERY professional team on this planet.

OK…I feel that time is ALWAYS now
Considering the present state of the Alouettes
Now seems like the best time ever…


The nonsense in Senior`s argument is that he would always say A.C. was too selfish to allow another QB to get playing time. Now he says A.C. is faking an injury, which allows another QB to step into the spotlight.

So which is it Senior?

I don't know to what heights he could have gotten to or not. We may never know but he's a very gifted Quarterback and he was never a problem in Montreal but like I've said it takes more than talent to be a successful QB.

Anyway Smith is a more "ready" Pro quarterback and is prepared to make the investment he needs to make to be successful so like Senior says its moot and I don't lose any sleep over Adrian.

Are there other things "Alouette" you care to discuss besides Quarterbacks or Jim Popp ?

That's all more than fair...

As long as Tanner Marsh is playing like Calvillo's heir....why worry?
Long live the King!
Etc etc

If Marsh ends up being a "one hit wonder"
which seems plausible considering what's happened to Collaros, Goltz and others
Other plans will need to be made.
The team needs to plan for Calvillo's 9-game absence
Even if he comes back before that span is up
Troy Smith won't be ready until 2014
And his ability to play the CFL game is even MORE of an unknown than McPherson's

And so...
If Marsh falls on his face
(and Neiswander is...well Neiswander)
The choices for Popp and Alouettes fans will be simple:
Or find another quarterback.

The ONLY quarterback ready to step into the Alouettes system
(despite the differences between this year and last)
Who KNOWS the CFL game
Has ENORMOUS talent and ability
Is Adrian McPherson

If you're willing to let the Alouettes lose
Just to prove a point
Well...why don't you finish THAT sentence...hmmmm?

:cowboy: :roll: :cowboy:
Are there other things "Alouette" you care to discuss besides Quarterbacks or Jim Popp ?
1) Quarterback is arguably the MOST important position in football As long as the question of who leads this team is in play I can't really see what could be more relevant.
  1. I frequently comment on other things
    Unfortunately the Calvillo fan Club erupts into spasmodic indignation the minute I mention the guy in ANY negative light. I assume I have a right to dislike ANY player I choose. I assume I have the right to like any player I choose. Same goes for anyone else.
    I does NOT seem that way HERE however.

One negative-Calvillo mention by me (or you I might add), Guru, Niagra or ANYONE and the entire place erupts into a war zone. This kind of bullying should make the perpetrators feel some kind of shame I would have thought. But as long as a pack-metality exists on this one's importance will be blown WAY out of proportion...and the appearance that it's all I "talk" about will remain.'s for this reason more than any other that I'm pleased as peaches AC is out indefinitely.


[i]Hey Senior, congratulations on GETTING BANNED! You'll have more time to "Billie Jean" while watching McPherson videos on youtube! Did Johnny say "Billie Jean"?

Yup, Johnny's mistake. Johnny meant to write "Beat it", not Billie Jean...[/i]

:lol: You tell him, Johnny!