Calvillo vs. Maas

Maas's stats 2006

HAM 484 298 61.6 3204 6.6 45 8 1.7 17 3.5 71.9


Calvillo's stats 1997

HAM 278 160 57.6 2,177 69 12 4.3 11 4.0 80.6

oh look at that 4 more t.d's despite 200 less passing attempts lol and 5 less picks and he was what 10 years younger than Maas is now at that time with a worse supporting cast of players. Maas got owned lol. So why didn't Toni get a bazillion chances like Maas is getting?

And you started this thread because...

OH - I get it! It's yet another Maas-bash thread. Gee, like we didn't already have about 100 of those...

It is kind of funny tho sig. Why not try to explain the incongruity rather than roll your eyes and whine

A better question would be: given that your team, in hindsight, gave up on Calvillo too soon, why are you all so eager to toss Maas on the scrapheap? The last time I checked, it wasn't Jason Maas's job to open up holes for his running back.

Because Jason isn't a young healthy star in the making. There are those of us that were very disturbed at the fans that wanted the vets to play ahead of Calvillo then just as we are perturbed that we are hearing the same old garbage a decade later


No reason to think the situations are similar. This is Chang's first season in the CFL. Let him get adjusted to the game and absorb the system before you throw him into the fire. The worst thing to do would be to throw Chang in there before he's ready, have him get blown out, and ruin his confidence. Maas is playing fairly well, all things considered, so there's no clear case, in my humble opinion, for Chang starting.

The worst thing to do would be to throw Chang in there before he's ready, have him get blown out, and ruin his confidence. Maas is playing fairly well, all things considered, so there's no clear case, in my humble opinion, for Chang starting.
Do you honestly believe that losing a game would destroy the guy's confidence. Got news for you - I'm sure Timmy has lost games before. Going in and losing a game on an undefeated team might hurt, but losing on a team with a 1-6 record will do nothing to his confidence. Sitting on the sidelines and watching The Ticats blow game after game and wondering why the coach won't put him in is more demoralizing than losing one or two games.

I would be very careful in using Calvillo as a model to argue that being thrown on the field would not hurt Chang's confidence.
Chang might handle it just fine but AC played like a deer in headlights. His confidence went down game by game. I remember one of his last games he fumbled twice rolling out without being touched! His experience here almost ruined his career and this was a guy with more CFL experience than Chang. If AC had played here one more year instead of going to Mtl. playing behind Ham I doubt if any other team would have looked at him. So if anything, using AC proves more that young QB's should be brought along slowly instead of being thrown into the arena.

you can blame john jenkins suicide shotgun offence in 96-97 but instead they’ll probably do to chang what they did with ac and run another young 25 year old qb outta town. blame it always on the qb’s…
that’s one of the reasons i’m worried about throwing chang in there with a porous supporting cast and inconsistent oline.
and a city were many qb’s (clements,calvillo,mcmanus,maas) have to took all the brunt for poor scheme adjustments and imagination in their offences.


I think you’re comparing apples to oranges. Different teams, coaches, etc. What I do know is that Maas should be in his absolute prime both in terms of his age, CFL experience and even time with the team. But a good rookie could have probably compiled his 1-5 record.

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AC has put it out there that he is as good as is is because of what he learned from Ham.

I remember on a Tiger-Cat or CFL forum in the 90s saying that Calvillo would reach a level under Doug Flutie but above Matt Dunigan, and I got laughed at pretty hard for some reason, but I think I was right about him (mostly) in the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

I get the same feeling watching Chang. I don't care if we play Maas, I just want to win and I trust to Taffe to do that. But I would love it if we played Chang a bit more, let him develop. If we are 1-8 after labour day, we should just let Chang play out the rest of the season and develop, throw in Maas if he gets into trouble.

They are using stats from seasons a decade apart

It would seem anything is allowed no matter how incredible as long as it fits the agenda to bash MASS.......

Holy C**p . this is a new level of unbelievable.

( but Im sure you would not see it that way ..fits the agenda etc. etc.)

I will wait for your response on how stats and situations years apart are correct.

Whatever. Stats are stats and are realistically related in spite of your thoughts otherwise

Yeah stats are stats and lets compare a 74 Pinto to an 83 Mustang.
Must be exactly the same only nine years apart ...........

The Mustang is a better car no matter how old it is. Likewise with QBs. Excellence transcends time.

For one I couldn't even read those stats the way they were organized.

Two: I have no idea why your comparing stats that are ten years apart. You could compare any Cat starter's stats from the past to Maas' 06 stats and the latters would probably always be better.

Geez what a dumb post.

I'm the first guy to admit that I was wrong about Calvillo. The guy just needed a change of scenery.

Perhaps I'm wrong about Maas, too.

Let's trade him to Montreal so we can find out.

Hahaaaa!!!! :lol:

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