Calvillo to sit...!?!!!?

Bad idea imo. Trestman tried this in 08 and if it wasn't for Taylor we would of never made it the the Grey Cup. When Calvillo starts on the 21st it will be almost 3 full weeks of not throwing a meaningfull pass. I would of gave him 1 quarter maybe max 15 pass attempts and that's it. Im am not a fan of this!

Didn't Anthony sit the last game of the season in 2009 as well? It didn't seem to stop him from dissecting the Lions in the division final.

My bad u are right, looking at last years schedule we beat Toronto Leak and AMac got the ball.

The way I see it, a three-week layoff isn't going to hurt a 17-year vet like Calvillo. In fact, it will help him recover from the bumps and bruises of the season, while possibly even allowing him a different perspective on the game by watching on the sidelines. I'm also looking forward to seeing what McPherson can do for a full 60 minutes. :rockin:

I agree with the decision, and I look forward to seeing AM do his thing, just like the last time he played for 60 minutes in Hamilton.

Ya nice to see AD get some work for a change.

The game doesn't mean I hope guys remember how to catch the ball etc..

But a "make-work" project is preferable to no work at go Adrian!!!

Note for next year...a repeat for emphasis: at some point we're going to have to give McPherson a raise in status.
For the last two years...other than when Calvillo's been out with an injury...bringing in McPherson has been...for better or worse (in victory or defeat) a signal to the entire team that the game is over...or in this case: the season is over.

Appraising McPherson's (or Leak's) talents isn't exactly easy when his only action consists of meaningless hand-offs at the end of Alouettes blow-outs...or more recently...mopping up the blood after the Als have been massacred.
I'd like to add my voice to the call (next season) for some sort of true platoon system wherein Calvillo might be given the occasional night off or...on those rare occasions when AC simply doesn't have it...AD can come in before the game is completely out of reach...and everyone has gone mind and spirit if not in body.

If the Alouettes get to the Cup and AC pulls another one off...fair and good...and hooray!!!.
But if we don't make it that far, or Calvillo freezes yet again when all around is glory...let's all try to think of what might have been...if we had a backup who's experience matches his talent...and the volition and wisdom to use him.

La partie ne veut plus rien dire pour personne. Alors pourquoi risquer des blessures aux partants? Que Cobourne soit en uniforme pour aller chercher ses 1 000 verges de gains, même chose pour Watkins, et pour le reste, qu'on repose nos gros canons. On en aura besoin contre les Timinous en finale de l'Est.